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News: Ryszard Kaja poster exhibition at Pigasus Gallery in Berlin
received from Mariusz Bednarski

Exhibition poster by Kaja Renkas
Pigasus Polish Poster Gallery
Danziger Str. 52, Berlin, Germany

Ryszard Kaja Posters - Plakatkunst

Ausstellung: 14. - 30.11.2014 Mo.-Sa.: 14 19 Uhr
Ausstellungseroeffnung: 13.13.2014, 19 Uhr, Ryszard Kaja wird anwesend sein

Ryszard Kaja
Ryszard Kaja, born in 1962 in Poznan: painter, grafik designer, stage designer, interior designer. Kaja has graduated from art department of Wyzszej Szkoly Sztuk Plastycznych in Poznan (now ASP). He debuted as stage designer in 1989 in Teatr Wielki in Lodz for all stage settings for Verdi's Ernani. For this work he has received his first "Golden Mask" prize. Till now Kaja has completed 100 stage projects at the top theatres in Poland and abroad. His main passion apart from the theatre is poster art. In this area he continues his family tradition. His father Zbigniew Kaja was one of the most important representatives of the so called Polish School of Poster. His posters are mostly based one paintings which these days dominated by computer often regarded as "outdated", but from the esthetical perspective they have more in common with the productions for which they were made. Kaja's fascination with baroque and by Bohumil Hrabal writings make his art additionally exceptional and unique.

You are cordially invited to join the opening
Joanna and Mariusz Bednarski

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