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News: Crowdfunding for a joint Cuba/Canada project on movie posters
received from Laura Llopis and Pepe Menendez

Invitation card
Crowdfunding on Indiegogo has started to get US$ 10'000 to fund a joint project Cinegrafismo between Quebec and Cuba where 6 graphic designers from each country make two movie posters for 6 canadian and 6 cuban short movies, to be published in a 224 page book and shown in traveling exhibitions in Cuba, Canada and France.

The deadline for making contributions is November 3, 2014.

Read more and contribute!

Below is an example for what the organizers have in mind for the movie Kitakinan by Serge Bordeleau (Quebec):

Poster by Julien Ponton (Quebec)

Poster by Lilia Diaz (Cuba)

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