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News: UNICEF Student poster competition and exhibition in Lahti, Finland
received from Marjatta Itkonen

Winning poster by Kiia Beilinson, Aalto university, Finland

This poster is bold, human and highly emotional. It invites to participate and calls for action. While child mortality is a heavy topic for discussion, this poster makes you free and focuses on solution. Breasts have been highly sexualized in the western culture. Here those have been returned to their original purpose – breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of the most effective interventions for small child survival. Yet, the message of the poster is wider than that. Poster asks you to take the role of the breast: give food, warmth and protection to a child. Everyone can be part of the solution through their work, sustainable consumption, or through donation. Be a tit is also a word play, meaning be a fool. Solution to place a woman’s breast as a head of male figure can be percieived as something fool.

Honorary mention Jianing Sui, Nanjing Art university, China

This poster has extremely simplified message and style. Poster makes progress of child mortality clear and easy to understand. Poster is positive and laconic. It demonstrates that huge progress has been achieved and work continues to until child mortality is zero. Work would have benefitted of some copy text to communicate it’s message clearly to the audiences that are not familiar with the topic.

  Graphic design students unite for children
UNICEF Young Designers’ Poster Competition in Lahti Poster Triennial

June 12 - August 12, 2014, Aleksanteri street, Lahti, Finland

Finnish Committee for UNICEF invited young designers to unite for children and to create bold, simple and contemporary posters to communicate a message of hope and to activate young adults to participate. We challenged them to find a new visual language and to avoid old stereotypes.

The theme of the competition is child survival. The goal of a poster is to make young adults aware how important child survival is. Posters should make young adults to realize that major results have been achieved globally and that even one preventable child death is too many. Posters should also make young adults to want to donate for the cause.

Ten art universities and -institutions were invited to the competition from China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Israel, Japan, Poland, Russia, and USA. Total of 100 posters created by young graphic design students participate in the poster exhibition, which is part of Lahti Poster Triennial and City of Lahti UNICEF Year.

Jury are graphic designers Timo Berry, Jenni Kuokka, Ilkka Kärkkäinen and Linda Linko. Chairman of the jury is Director of Communications Jussi Kivipuro, the Finnish Committee for UNICEF. Secretary is Executive Director of Grafia, Katri Soramäki.

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Maria Mercedes Salgado, from Ecuador, made a workshop with her students about the competition at La Factoria, selecting 10 works from students of Ecuador from different zones, coast and mountains, and sent the the last edition to Finland at the invitation of Marjatta Itkonen. the only ones representing Latin America:

Alejandro de Althaus, Ecuador

Anita Lucia Cabrera Ordanez, Ecuador

David Jimenez Amoroso, Ecuador

David Santos, Ecuador

Gabriela Serrano Soto, Ecuador

Hugo Alfredo Cisneros Barreiro, Ecuador

Johana Katerine Calvopina Lalangui, Ecuador

Karen Alejandra, Ecuador

Luis Francisco Samaniego Duque, Ecuador

Santiago Daniel Gomez Spinelli, Ecuador

 , Ecuador

 , Ecuador

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