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News: Henryk Tomaszewski poster exhibition in Bratislava
received from Dusan Junek and Polish Institut Bratislava

Exhibition poster by Dusan Junek
(sto means hundred in slovakian)
Exhibition "100 Henryk Tomaszewski /1914-2014/"
in Polish Institut Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia

Polish Institut Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia
and Dusan Junek
cordially invite you to the exhibition

100 HENRYK TOMASZEWSKI /1914 - 2014/

Polish Institut Gallery,
Namestie SNP 27
Bratislava, Slovakia

April 29 - May 30, 2014
Curator of the exhibition Dusan Junek

Exhibited of artists:
Henryk Tomaszewski
Jan Mlodozeniec
Lech Majewski
Mieczyslaw Wasilewski
Wieslaw Rosocha
Wiktor Sadowski
Andrzej Klimowski
Roslaw Szaybo
Karel Misek
Dusan Junek
Jan Rajlich jr.
Frantisek Borovec
Karel Aubrecht

Poster by Henry Tomaszewski, 1948

From left: Curator Dusan Junek and Director of Polish Institute Tomasz Grabinski

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