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Emanuela Pasini, Karol Wojtyla - Pope John Paul 2, 2005

Emanuela Pasini designed the poster of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul 2, in 2005, shortly before his death, while she was a student of Gianni Bortolotti. "Andrzej Jawien" is a pseudonym that Karol Wojtyla used for his literary writings, to keep them apart from his religious publications. On April 27, 2014, John Paul 2 will be canonised in Rome, and Emanuela will travel there to attend the ceremonies together with her family.

Ronald Shakespear, Hamlet, 1964

Argentine actor Alfredo Alcon died on April 11, 2014. In a final tribute, the famous argentine graphic designer Ronald Shakespear remembers him with the following anecdote: "One day in 1964 I called Alfredo Alcon to portray him for the poster of the representation of Hamlet in Canal 13, directed by David Stivel, sponsored by Siam di Tella.
He answered and said,
- Who is this?
- Shakespear - I replied.
He sent me to hell."

Zbigniew Latala, Shakespeare - Othello, 2014

Zbigniew reminds me that William Skaespeare (not to be confuesed with Ronald) was baptized 450 years ago, on April 26, 1564.

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