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News: Istvan Irsai poster exhibition in Budapest
received from Istvan Orosz

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From Budapest to Tel-Aviv - Irsai Istvan modernist designer

Commemorating 2014 as the Holocaust Memorial Year, the Israeli Cultural Insitute will be holding a new exhibition from the 22nd of April: From Budapest to Tel-Aviv – Istvan Irsai, Modernist Designer, displaying for the first time together both periods of Irsai's work,Israel and Hungary.
Istvan Irsai was one of the greatest masters of Hungarian and Israeli graphic design. He worked in the era of modernist-constructivism, the most fruitful period of Hungarian posters. While in Israel he developed a new, modern design style and contributed greatly to the field of Israeli graphic design in its infancy. Since his oeuvre was interrupted by the holocaust, Irsai had to rebuild his whole career and his monumental works are relatively unknown. However, today his 1930s lithographed posters are worth several thousand dollars.

Exhibition Opening:
Date: 22nd April (Tuesday), 18:00
Venue: Israeli Cultural Institute (1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede Street 1.), 1st floor, Futureal Hall
Opening speech: Marton Orosz, art historian Guest of honour: Or Ettlinger, Istvan Irsai’s grandson
The exhibition can be visited betweenApril 23rd –June 30th in the Israeli Cultural Institute of Budapest. (1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede Street 1.)

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