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News: Bruno Monguzzi exhibition in Shenzhen, China
received from Jianping He

Exhibition poster based on a poster by Bruno Monguzzi

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Bruno Monguzzi - Fifty Years of Paper

Opening: 17:30, April 12th, 2014
Time: April 12th – June 15th, 2014
Venue: OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China
Organizers: OCT Art & Design Gallery
Curator: Jianping He
Support: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd
Thanks: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, hesign International Ltd. (Hangzhou), InterContinental Shenzhen, HIAP MOH Group(Shanghai)

Participating Series Lectures·15
Time: 13:30-16:30, April 12th, 2014
Venue: F3, OCT Art & Design Gallery
Topic: A Designer's Introspection
Speaker: Bruno Monguzzi
Topic: Italian graphic design: Visions and Utopias
Speaker: Daniela Piscitelli
Moderator: Jianping He
Guests: Henry Steiner, Shin Matsunaga, Wang Xu

OCT Art & Design Gallery
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 17:30 (Closed on Mondays, open on holidays)
Address: 9009-1 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen 518053, China(Next to Inter Continental Shenzhen)
Metro: Luo Bao Line (Line1), OCT Station (Hua Qiao Cheng Station), Exit C

Selected designer's comments:

Die Taetigkeit von Bruno Monguzzi ist ein Beispiel fuer die enge Verflechtung von rein intellektuellem mit sehr gefuehlsbetontem Schaffen. Als wichtige schoepferische Kraft innerhalb der Schweizergrafik verbindet Monguzzi die lateinische Denkart mit der germanischen Wahrnehmung. Er verknuepft die Gefuehlswelt mit der abstrakten Empfindungsweise.
Bruno Monguzzi ist ein Beispiel fuer den Begriff einer modernen "Schweizergrafik".
Armin Hofmann, Maerz 2014
Bruno Monguzzi's ability to use typography in a relevant, totally modern, and extremely elegant manner was excellent and set a benchmark for the direction in which I felt graphic design could be taken—notably meaningful and refreshing.
Ivan Chermayeff, New York
Bruno is a designer's designer; bold, serious, uncompromising and elegant. He has kept alive the flame of Modernism.
Henry Steiner
Bruno Monguzzi is one of the very tallest of giants we've been standing on the shoulders off.
Stefan Sagmeister, New York

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