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News: Poster exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia
received from Peter Javorik

Exhibition poster

vernissage: 16/04/2014 6.00 p.m.

Exhibition and information point SCD SATELIT
Hurbanove kasarne, Kollarovo nam. 10, Bratislava

Duration: 17/0418/05/2014
Open daily except monday 1.006.00 p.m.
Free entry

In the ateliers Visual Communication I run by Mgr. art. Andrej Hascak, ArtD. and Visual Communication II headed by akad. mal. Pavol Rozloznik, the focus is on creating a visual code for contemporary times, characterized as they are by the dynamic development of visual communication. The Visual Communication I atelier helps students to comprehend the broader connections between visual and graphic communication and their relationships to other disciplines, while the Visual Communication II atelier, through work with detail and meaning, brings students to an understanding of what a unified visual style consists of. The Visual Communication I and II ateliers prepare competent graduates who can work independently or in a group in a graphic design studio or advertising agency creating inter alia corporate identities, advertising campaigns or lines of packaging designs.

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