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News: Ukrainian designers need your help!
received from Oleg Veklenko and the "4th Block" team

Anton Stogov (left) receives the "4th Block" diploma from Lex Drewinski (center), jury president of the 8. International Poster Triennial "4th Block". Oleg Veklenko, President of the Triennial, is in the back.

Winning poster by Anton Stogov
  Dear collegues,

We are sure that you know what is happening in Ukraine now.

We ask you to write a defense statement of ukrainian designers and in particular a statement of Anton Stogov who is in the prison now.

The graduate of "High Academic School of Graphic Design" and the winner of the 8th International Poster Triennial "The 4th Block" Anton Stogov was arrested for "rioting" on January 20, 2014 in Kiev.

On January 20, Anton Stogov had stayed late at work and was detained while returning home via center of Kiev. On January 22, on his 35th birthday, a court was held behind closed doors and adjudge him two months in prison. Colleagues-designers were willing to confirm his alibi, but none of them are allowed to go to court. Here are Anton's poster about the global warming and photo where Lex Drewinski awards him "The 4th Block" diploma.

Art critics, curators, graphic designers, presidents of International poster exhibitions also express their support.

Please help us in disseminating this information!

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Veklenko
and "The 4th Block" team

Poster for Anton Stogov by Lex Drewinski

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