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News: Lithuanian movie poster exhibition in Gomel, Belarus
From Belarusian Telegraph Agency

Poster by Vytautas Kausinis, Flight over the Atlantic, 1983
The Lithuanian Movie Poster international exhibition project by the Lithuanian Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema will open at the Vashchenko Art Gallery in Gomel on 10 January, BelTA learned from the gallery.

The exhibition includes a collection of 40 original Lithuanian movie posters covering four decades of the 20th century starting with the oldest film Ausra prie Nemuno (Dawn over the Neman, 1953). Among the exhibits are the movie poster Eternal Fire by Raimundas Slizys, Flight over the Atlantic by Vytautas Kausinis, Noah's Ark by Jokubas Jacovskis, and others.

Lithuanian movie posters and Lithuanian cinema are young phenomena of Lithuanian culture. Having been born and evolving in the society with rigid censorship, Lithuanian movie posters won no international positions, and remained a purely internal phenomenon of Lithuanian culture.

The poster is a specific genre of fine arts. It was coined to advertise an idea, product, event, or a movie. After accomplishing its immediate task the poster gets destroyed. No matter how colorful and attractive it is, it will burn out in the sun, soak in the rain or will be just plastered over by another poster. This is what happened to most of Lithuanian posters during the inter-war period. Undoubtedly, this is a great loss, because the poster can be seen not only as a work of art but also as an exhibit of a certain epoch. Yet the movie poster was in a better position. Born in the 1950s, with the advent of the Lithuanian cinema, it found a caring collector - the Lithuanian Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema. The museum has almost a complete collection of movie posters.

The exhibition will be running until 7 February

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