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News: Leszek Zebrowski poster for a Shakespeare poster exhibition in Helsinki
received from Kriska Rudzinski

Poster by Leszek Zebrowski
In Taidejulistegalleria (PosterARtGallery Culture Factory), Helsinki Kaapeli will be open international poster exhibition

William Shakespeare - drama in poster
Helsinki 2010/London 2012"

Helsinki 27.05 - 31.08.2010
London 27.07 - 12.08.2012

Poster by Leszek Zebrowski

Kriska Rudzinski sent me the two exhibition posters above, with the explicit request to show only one, because Leszek Zebrowski wanted to find out which one I like better.

The short answer is, if I could only show one, it would be the one at right with the girl.

The long answer: The one at left is the better poster. It is strong in idea, execution, composition, color, readability, typography, communication, a perfect poster to announce a Shakespeare exhibition. But the one at right puzzles me: What is this young girl doing, holding a self portrait of the designer, piercing him with a phallic sword in an obscene although mysterious gesture, why her stern look, why the polish army jacket, why the brick wall protecting a stone wall? And why did Zebrowski, a master draftsman and painter, take the unusual step of using a plain digital picture, and a sexy girl, to promote Shakespeare? Maybe I should see a Shakespeare play again to get the meaning, or at least read the wiki? In short, while the one at left is better, the one at right is outstanding, inspiring, bold, disturbing.

Was that a test Leszek? And did I fail?

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