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News: Rico Lins poster exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
August 18, 2007, received from Rico Lins

Exhibition poster by Rico Lins
Cartazes Rico Lins 1980 - 2007

Posters for Jazz Sinfonica + Guests 2006 and 2007, recently shown in Sao Paulo, a very successful series of concerts combining a symphonic and a jazz orchestra with a special popular music guest at each presentation. Each of the posters has a double function with the featured program printed in the back, which can be folded for mailing and distribution at the concert halls.

The 30 film posters include NYC venues of Pedro Almodovar's movie "Labyrinth of Passion" and David Mamet's "Oleanna" theatrical version.

A full selection of digital silkscreened and traditional brazilian woodentype posters (lambe-lambe) posters created for Chaumont's "Brasil em Cartaz" show in 2005 is presented as well. This project was awarded by the New York Type Directors Club this year.

Design Firm: Rico Lins+Studio
Creative Direction and design: Rico Lins

Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim
Av. Vieira Souto, 176 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brasil
Abertura: dia 13 de agosto, a partir das 19:30.
14.8 - 16.9.2007

See for more information on Rico Lins.

Some examples:

2007, David Sanchez

2007, Stefon Harris

2007, Rico Lins Kultur Revolution

2005, Brasil em cartaz, exhibition in Chaumont

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