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Hong Kong International Poster Triennial
(received from Hong Kong Heritage Museum 2000.12.16 !)


The Hong Kong Heritage Museum (HM) is a newly built museum. It consists of twelve galleries covering various aspects of history, art and culture. As design is one of the major collections, HM is dedicated to promote design through collecting, researching and programming.

  Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2001

It is a major event of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to document the development of international poster design at regular intervals. The Triennial 2001 will be the first of the series to mark the new Millennium and to celebrate achievements in graphic design.

It is organized in three consecutive events:

I. COMPETITION Open competition will be organized under categories of 'Ideological' Cultural! and Commercial! posters. Three awards are selected from each category in recognition for design achievements. To facilitate the selection process, six prominent international designers will be invited to form a judging panel. (Please refer to the conditions of entry for details.)

Selected entries: They will be presented in an exhibition in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum from October 2001 to March 2002. A fully illustrated catalogue will be published to document the collection.

Thematic posters: Prominent international designers are invited to design unique and interpretative posters on the theme of "The Living Heritage" echoing the mission statement of the new Hong Kong Heritage Museum "to preserve and interpret the cultural identity of Hong Kong in order to enrich the lives of present and future generation."

Judges posters: A special exhibition on posters designed by the six international judges will also be held in the Triennial to showcase their creativities and achievements in graphic design. This is an eye-opening experience for the Hong Kong public and encouragement to the selected entrants in exhibiting side by side with the international judges.

III. SYMPOSIUM To complement the Triennial and to foster international cultural exchange, a symposium will be organized at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum during the first week of the exhibition. The judges from the Triennial and international scholars on design will be invited as speakers. All participants and interested parties are welcomed to attend.


  • To establish Hong Kong as a leading city in the world in the arena of collecting and promoting poster design;
  • To assemble a distinct international poster collection;
  • To foster graphic design education and culture exchange with other countries and regions.

ELIGIBILITY The competition will open to designers from all regions and countries.

CATEGORY Entries will be invited by 3 categories:
a) Ideological - creations concerning universal themes, the conditions and existence of man, civilization problems, social and political action
b) Cultural - promoting culture, art, education and sport ventures
c) Commercial - promoting commodities and business

ENTRY There is no limitation to the number of entries submitted by each entrant. Original artworks or drafts will not be accepted. All entries should have been published and circulated after June 1997. The organizer reserved the right to categorize entries to the appropriate categories. Entries should be submitted in two copies with good condition (one for exhibition and one for museum collection), with labels attach to the upper right corner at the back of each poster. If entries are in series (treated as one item), please indicate at "Remarks" under the 'Detail of Entries'. Each entry can enter one category only.

SIZE The minimum size of poster eligible for all entries is A2 (549 x 420mm) and the maximum size is B0 (1456 x 1030mm),

PARTICIPATION FEE Participation fee is not required. All the entries will not be returned.

DELIVERY Poster entered must not be mounted or framed. They should be properly protected, delivered flat or scrolled and in two copies by courier / in person during office hours (Mon. to Fri. 9:00am to 5:00pm) to the following address together with

i) the completed entry form,
ii) a 120mm/4x5 inches colour slide or computer file of each poster with title, category and item number marked on the slide mount (for exhibition catalogue) and
iii) CV, in English and relevant materials of the entrant (for designer's archive).

For overseas and local designers:

Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2001
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, N.T.
Hong Kong
The organizer declines all responsibility for loss or damage of posters in transit.

DEADLINE All entries must arrive before 5:00 pm, 15 December 2000.

JUDGING PANEL A judging panel, comprising 4 overseas and 2 local professional designers of international renown, will be formed. The six international judges will be invited to exhibit their posters in the exhibition. The *proposed list is as follows:
  • YU Bing-nan (China)
  • Pierre MENDELL (Germany)
  • Makoto SAITQ (Japan)
  • Paula SCHER (USA)
  • Henry STEINER (Hong Kong)
  • Alan ZIE (Hong Kong)
The panel's decisions are final and cannot be overturned in a court of law. Selected entrants will be notified by mail in late April 2001.

JUDGING CRITERIA The judging criteria will base on originality, aesthetics, effectiveness, creativity and technical competence.

Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be selected for each category.
Cash prize will be awarded to each winner, i.e.
Gold -HK$15,000 Silver -HK$10,000 Bronze -HK$5,000

COPYWRIGHT It is the responsibility of the entrant to protect designs by design registration or patent. All matters regarding design copyright of the entry will be at the responsibility of the entrant. All the posters qualified for the competitive exhibition become the collection of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The organizer reserves the right to use elI information provided by The entrants, as well as the right to publish, exhibit or reproduce all posters entered for the promotion of design.

*subject to change without prior notice

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Leisure & Cultural Services Departement
Tel (852) 2180 8117, 2180 8117
Fax (852) 2180 8222, 2180 8111

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