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2013.03.252013.04.10“Innovation in Education“ International Poster Exhibition
2013.03.302013.??.??2. International Reggae poster contest, 2013
2013.04.302013.11.20Biennal del cartel Bolivia BICeBe, 2013
2013.04.302013.06.15"Post it Awards" International online student design competition, Russia deadline extended to May 12, 2013
2013.05.092013.11.??3. International Art Festival of Resistance, Tehran, 2013
2013.05.132013.09.307. International Triennial of Stage Poster, Sofia, 2013
2013.05.312013.07.25"Mut zur Wut" International Poster Competition, 2013
2013.06.302013.10.013. Segunda Llamada poster design competition 2013, Mexico
2013.06.302013.10.016. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje, Macedonia, "Citizen 2020"
2013.07.102013.12.10Poster for tomorrow 2013 - A home for everyone
2013.07.312013.??.??Taipei International Design Award
2013.07.312013.08.31Creacartel - a poster for the Red Cross and Red Crescent International
2013.08.152013.12.??2013 Taiwan International Student Design Competition
2013.08.152013.10.12International student poster competition, Lucerne, Switzerland : "Curiosity"
2013.08.252013.??.??2. Vibre Poster Festival, Iran : "All about Cancer"
2013.09.302013.11.??6. China International Poster Biennial 2013, Hangzhou, China
2013.09.302013.??.??11. "Francisco Mantecon" International Poster Design Competition, Vigo, Spain
2013.10.242013.??.??International Poster Contest, Mexico "To Death with a Smile" 2013
2013.10.292013.11.1514. International Biennial of Theater Posters, Rzeszow, Poland, 2013
2013.11.302014.06.13Lahti Poster Triennial, 19. International Poster Exhibition in Finland 2014

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