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2011.02.152011.??.??100 beste Plakate 10 - Deutschland, Oesterreich, Schweiz
2011.02.152011.??.??, a poster competition about energy policy, Turin, Italy
2011.04.012011.04.26POSTCHERNOBYLCARDS, Postcards dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, Kharkov, Ukraine
2011.04.202011.05.??4th Persian Gulf Poster Festival, Tehran 2011
2011.05.232011.06.20Segunda Llamada poster design competition 2011, Mexico, theme: Actions for sustainable use of water
2011.05.312011.07.28Poster competition "Project Sunshine for Japan", Germany
2011.06.112011.??.??5th International Poster Exhibition in Lima, Peru: Walls Down!
2011.06.152011.10.??2011 Taiwan International Student Design Competition
2011.06.202011.08.15International poster contest "Mut zur Wut 2011" in Heidelberg, Germany
2011.06.262011.07.177. Annual of Typography Poster as Asma-ul Husna, Tehran 2011
2011.07.102011.12.10Poster for tomorrow 2011 - The Right to Education
2011.08.122011.??.??AGDA Poster Annual 2011, Australia
2011.09.082011.09.282. Wuhan International Invitational Poster Exhibition: The 100th Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution, Wuhan, China
2011.09.152011.10.29The 5th China International Poster Biennial 2011, Hangzhou, China
2011.09.302011.11.05Student poster competition Weltformat, Lucerne, Switzerland 2011
2011.09.302011.11.0312. triennale of Ekoplagat, Zilina, Slovakia
2011.10.172011.??.??International Poster Contest "To death with a smile", Mexico 2011
2011.10.202011.10.26Un cartel para no Olvidar, Colombia, 2011
2011.10.202011.11.08Virtual Biennale Prague, 2011
2011.10.212011.11.2313. International Biennial of Theater Posters, Rzeszow, Poland, 2011
2011.10.312011.??.??4. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje, Macedonia - HIV/AIDS
2012.01.152012.06.0910. International Poster Triennial in Toyama, 2012
2012.02.292012.05.??Socialdesignposter online competition - Seeds of peace, the power of dialogue, 2012

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