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Weltformat International student poster competition, Lucerne, Switzerland
Theme: Detours (Irrwege)

Received from Erich Brechbuehl. Please see the official web site for more information.

Competition poster by Studio Lametta, Lucerne (Loana Boppart & Melanie Schlaper)
Deadline: 31.7.2017

This year, for the seventh year running, the poster festival Weltformat is organising an international student poster competition. Twenty posters will be shortlisted and unveiled at a special outdoor exhibition at the festival in Lucerne in September. At the opening of the festival, the winning poster will be awarded a prize of 1,500 CHF. In addition, 500 copies of the winning poster design will be printed and displayed throughout Switzerland after the festival. This year’s theme is «Detours». The jury is made up of the following people: Dafi Kühne, Julia Marti, Michael Kryenbühl (Johnson/Kingston), Loana Boppart and Bruno Niederberger.

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