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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

International Poster Biennale in Wenzhou, China, 2016

Received from Duan ShengHua. Please see the official web site for more information.

Deadline: November 20, 2016

The 1st Wenzhou International Design Biennial is co-sponsored by publicity department of Wenzhou municipal committee, Zhejiang College of Security Technology and Information and Interaction Design Professional Board of China Industrial Design Association, its purpose is to display and promote design ideas and design expressions of pioneer designers, emphasize on exploring the experimental and alternate concept of artistic designing, focus on the latest development of experimental design and new media design, to make a design exhibition having international vision and professional standard by means of professional foresight, high standard selection of international judges and strict evaluation standards.

Wenzhou is famous for reform, wins glory by innovation and is well known throughout the country for openness. "Wenzhou model" formed by the exploration of 35 years of reform and opening-up is exactly a protracted innovation and design on a large scale. From the first rise to a new undertaking, and to the all-round innovation nowadays to carry science development a step forward, the explorative experiments of every period are the ties to link products, culture and friendship, and provide a broad stage for interregional communication and cooperation.

Official Website:

Exhibition Projects
A.Experimental Poster Design Exhibition(Global collection)
B.Design&Safety" Global Poster Design Exhibition(Global collection)

The main organizer
Publicity Department of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee The commission of teaching instruction of design major in Higher Education, Ministry of Education
Professional Committee of China Industrial Design Association for Information and Interaction Design

Zhejiang College of Security Technology
Wenzhou Culture Promotion Association

Academy of Arts&Design, Shanghai University
Public Art Coordination Center

Exhibition Branches
A.Experimental Poster Design Exhibition
David, the well-known American designer believes that the nature of experimental design is the innovation of result but be rigid, he thinks that designers should dare to face challenge and not be affected by the practice, then try to break the existing paradigms of design. This part aims to build a "experimental field" for designers in poster design area, to finish design works with exploratory thinking, show the forward-looking of design concepts and the singularity of the creative design, try to diversify design resources, design colors and design forms to viewers.

B."Design? Safety" Global Poster Design Exhibition
Safety is the essence of life, the source of happiness, it is an eternal theme of the survival and development problem of human society. In today's world, people are facing with several problems such as environmental security, physical security, network security, food safety and many other security challenges. This part aims to make design as the media, drawn attention to security issues, attract people's attention on safety education, to promote the development of human security.

(All works should be arrived on or before the deadline for Application & Submission. The works that cannot arrive in time will be disqualified.)

Exhibition Opens
2016.12.3 -12.12

Exhibition Venue Wenzhou Hao Art Museum

Language Chinese English

Entry Fee Free

Designers from all over the world are Welcome in 2016WIDB. All the entry works be able to be submitted by person or the company participated in creating and making. Any works that is involved by any member of jury panel is not eligible.
Undergraduate, graduate and above of art and design school are all in.

Award Announcement
All the shortlisted works will be on-site assessed and selected by the jury panel of 5 international outstanding designers. The jury panel will grant Gold, Silver and Bronze award to the winner. All the awarded and selected works will exhibit in WIDB2016 exhibition and published in the Collection of the 1st Wenzhou International Poster Festival. Each of the participants for the exhibition will receive a certificate from the committee.

Entry Rules

  • "Design&Safety" Global Poster Design Competition exhibition includes adult groups and student groups, contestants are required to submit works through web-mail.
    The exhibition of"Design&Safety" Globle Poster Design Competition:
    Size of works: 70cmX100cm, vertical,File format: "jpg" Resolution ratio: 300dpi, CMYK mode.
    After download and complete the registration form the official website ( the exhibition, all files should be stored in a folder before submit, the folder naming format is:
    Professional: P-name-Country
    Students: S- name-Country
    Delivery E-mail:
    (Comments: In order to sort out those data, please note that "Design&Safety" posters and experimental posters should be sent into different e-mail address.)

  • Experimental poster design exhibition includes adult groups and student groups. Contestants are required to submit works through web-mail, after the works have been selected, we will contact contestants to provide the original copy of their works.
    As for experimental posters, the designer of dimensional works should provide renderings and design descriptions. The description should include work functions,shapes,materials, colors and other features less than 200 words; as for multimedia poster posters, the designer should provide related video,design descriptions less than 10(MB).
    After download and complete the registration form the official website ( the exhibition, all files should be stored in a folder before submit, the folder naming format is:
    Professional: P-name-Country
    Students: S- name-Country
    Professional: P-Designer-Country
    Students: S-Designer-Countr
    (Comments: In order to sort out those data, please note that "Design&Safety" posters and experimental posters should be sent into different e-mail address.)

  • All the entry work must be the works published and announced by any of the country from Oct. 2013 to Oct.2016. All posters must be printed works of offset, silk-screen or digital. Ink-jet or hand drawing works are not qualified.

  • The number of submitted works is no more than 5 posters. One series work will be counted as one.

  • Please label the package "PRINTED MATTER, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". Please do not include the price of your submission on the postal declaration or invoice. The organizers will not undertake any customs clearance.

  • All posters will not be returned. Postage and all other incidental expenses are to be defrayed by participants.

  • All posters selected for the competition exhibition will become the property of organizer .The organizer has the right to exhibit, collect, publish, photography and reprint the posters for publicity and promotion.

  • The author guarantees that the submitted and the exhibition works do not breach intellectual property rights of any third person. The organizer will not be held liable for any breach of proprietary rights.

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