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International Poster Contest "Captain Pilecki, the invincible Hero", Cracow, Poland, 2016
Received from Wojtek Korkuc KOREK. Please see the original web site for more information.

Deadline: 30 September 2016

Conditions: The poster needs to include the text: Witold Pilecki 13.05.1901 – 25.05.1948.

Wojciech Falkowski – the Vice Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence
Roslaw Szaybo – artist, graphic designer (chairman),
Jan Tarczynski – the director of the Marshal Józef Pilsudski’s Central Military Library
Wojciech Boberski – historian of art
Krzysztof Dydo – owner of Galeria Plakatu in Krakow, exhibition holder
Piotr Mlodozeniec – artist, graphic designer
Herbert Knops – architect, artist from Cologne
Wojciech Korkuc – artist, graphic designer
Krzysztof Kosior – great-grandson of captain Witold Pilecki
Malgorzata Kupiszewska – representative of the organizer, coordinator of the project
Wieslaw Walkuski – artist, graphic designer

Entry fee: -

Prizes: 1st Prize – 10 000 PLN , other prizes see official website

Award Ceremony: November 19, 2016

More info:

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