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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

13th International Triennial of the Political Poster Show, Mons, Belgium, 2016
Received from Anne-Therese Verschueren. Please see the official web site for more information.


The Triennial of the Political Poster Show aims at comparing the best political poster designers from all countries with a view to encouraging a means of expression which is also a weapon or a testimony.

The thirteenth International Triennial of the Political Poster Show will be presented from October 2016 in Arsonic, rue de Nimy, 138 in Mons.


  1. Poster designers whose works illustrate political events, social struggles or any social facts and who are prepared to abide by these rules may take part in the thirteenth Triennial. Posters concerning political pictures or theatre pictures are also accepted. Each artist is requested to enclose a short biography with his sending and each poster will obligatory include a small text explaining the creation context and its political impact. Each author will send a CD or DVD (JPG or TIFF) with his poster.

  2. Each artist is authorized to present a maximum of 5 posters, provided they have been designed after October 1, 2013.

  3. The selection of the posters will be made by a selection committee made up of graphic artists, critics and social movement leaders. The jury will start working in March 2016.

  4. Each contestant covers the insurance and has to make sure that the posters reach us in excellent condition latest on January 31, 2016.
    Posters must be carefully packed and the organizers can't be held responsible for damages resulting from transport.
    Transport charges incur to poster designers or to sponsor- ing organizations.
    Posters should have no frameworks.
    Posters will become the property of the organizers and will enrich the collection of the organizers.
    The artists commit to supplying a second exemplary for exhibitions.

  5. The organizers are entitled to reproduce the participating posters in catalogues, promotional publications as well as on the Internet inluding our websites ( and also to show them in exhibitions or non-profit-making events aiming at advertising the Triennial, showing each time respect for the author's intellectual copyright. Therefore, the copyright belongs to the organizers as soon as they receive the poster.
    The rewarded posters as well as additional selected works will be reproduced in the catalogue of the triennial.

  6. Each contestant must send the attached participation form duly filled in with his poster: Name of the artist, first name, address, postal code, town, country and French, English or German translation of the poster text. The organizers advise not to stick anything on the back of the posters but to number them with a pencil according to the list written on the form.

  7. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw the posters which would not abide by the provisions of these rules.

  8. Each contestant acknowledges to have taken notice from the present regulations.

A first price of an amount of 3800 Euro by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles.
Three other prices will be offered.
The works rewarded with a price will remain the property of le manege.mons.
The prices will be proclaimed and distributed at the opening of this thirteenth Triennial.

Le manege.mons
Rue des Soeurs Noires 4a, 4000 Mons, Belgique

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