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Poster for the 23. Izmir European Jazz Festival, 2016
Found on Geray Gencer's website
Please see the official web site for more information.

14. JAZZ poster competition for the 23. Izmir European Jazz Festival, Izmir, Turkey 2016

Deadline: January 20, 2016 18:00

Size: 50x70 cm

Prize: 2500 TL

Cihangir Elmaskaya, Prof. Dr. Hakan Ertep, Hüseyin Ekinciler, Kutsal Lenger, Maksude Kilinç, Okan Özgen ve IKSEV Temsilcisi.

More information:
Izmir Kultur, Kunst und Education Foundation "14. Jazz Poster competition"
Atatürk Caddesi No: 458 35220 Alsancak / Izmir, Turkey
Tel: 0 232 463 03 00; Fax 0 232 482 34 22;

Contact: Sirel Eksi:, Onur Acimaz:

Festival Website:

Below are some more details about the contest:

1- Is it a free contest or need to pay money?
No payment required.

2- Does it any limitation for participate to this contest (Like age or being as a student)?
Not being over the age of 35 by March 1, 2016.

3- Is the theme of your contest just "Jazz Poster"?
The theme is Izmir European Jazz Festival.

4- What is the technic, size, resolution, and mode of posters?
The posters should be prepared 50x70 cm vertically. A message (title, slogan etc.) that supports the visual design can be used in posters. The posters that are made by Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop in Mac or Windows need to be delivered in CD considering the printing process. (The net print area should be 48x68 cm for a 50x70 cm poster.) The documents that are prepared in CMYK mode 300 pixels/ inch resolution should be delivered without making any compressions. The posters that are worthy of exhibition should be prepared as RGB, max. 100 dpi /1 mb resolution, in JPEG format and saved to a CD in order to be published online.

5- What is the title, slogan, any informations (like date) and brand supporter that have put on the poster?
The writings “Izmir Kültür Sanat ve Egitim Vakfi, 23. Izmir Avrupa Caz Festivali” and logo of IKSEV should also be on posters. Also, the second logo that represents the Izmir European Jazz Festival (the note on black) should be on the upper left corner of the poster. The colors of logos are unchangeable. No changes should be made on IKSEV and Festival logos; they should be used the way they’re downloaded. The logos could be downloaded from this link: . Since Izmir European Jazz Festival is in collaboration with the embassies and foreign cultural centers, there should be some place for their logos on the poster as well. The tickets of the festival are sold by Biletix. This logo should also be used in the poster. IKSEV and Biletix logos could be provided from the link: .

6 - How many posters can I send for your contest?
Max. 5 posters

7- Can I send my posters by email for you or I have to printed them and then post to your address?
The posters that will be represented to the jury should be printed on 3 – 5 mm thick foam core or dekota in 50x70 cm dimension. The posters of other dimensions will be out of competition.

8- Do you need CV, the photo and information of artist by sending posters?
Every poster will get a 6-digit nickname comprised of both letters and numbers by the contestant. (Example: S35B67)Posters without nicknames are not accepted. The nickname should be written on the package, back of the poster and on CD. Contestants that participate with more than one poster should get different nicknames for each poster and fill out a new participation form.
The contestant should prepare separate and closed identity envelopes for each poster. “NICKNAME” and “IKSEV 14. CAZ AFISI YARISMASI” should be written on the closed identity envelope. There should be no signs that indicate the identity of the participant on the envelope. A participation form consisting of the nickname of the poster, name, surname, birth place and year, a short résumé, address, telephone number, cell phone number and if any fax and e-mail addresses of the participants should be present inside the identity envelope. This form should be printed out. Posters with undecipherable identity information will be left out even wins.

9- Which date is the deadline of sending all posters?
January 20, 2016 – 17.00

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