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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries poster competition "We are all migrants", Mexico, 2016

Please see the official web site for more information.

Call for entries

Theme: "We are all migrants"
Deadline: June 7, 2016

1.- All designers, graphic artists, visual and plastic artists or unrestricted age and gender may participate. Each participant will be able to submit up to 3 posters.

2.- Requires registration in page starting February 2nd 2016. Please see our privacy notice before registering.

3.- Should send their poster (s) through the same website as far: 2953 x 4134 pixels at 150 dpi in RGB (50 x 70 cm at 150 dpi in RGB). VERTICAL FORMAT. The posters that are sent without meeting this requirement will be disqualified and lose the opportunity to spend the jury process.

4.- It is very important to carefully read the BRIEF and most of the framework also the informative links that expose and deepen on domestic violence, this will give you the knowledge on the subject and is highly valuable material for conception and development of your ideas. Everything is posted at:

5.- The call will be open from February 2, 2016 to June 7, 2016.

6. We do not grant cash awards or material goods. The best 30 to 50 posters will be selected by an international jury and will be part of traveling exhibitions inside the country and probably in Latin American and North American countries. The jury will meet during the month of February. For the third consecutive year, the prestigious Editorial Gustavo Gili of Mexico sponsor the publication of postcards of selected posters. If your poster is selected you will have a collection of postcards without cost and your participation certificate , we only ask you to cover the amount of shipping. Also, if you send to us a poster and you are not selected we will send to you an electronic certificate by e-mail.

7.- Posters must be sent from your authorship. By submitting your (s) sign (s) you confirm that the design was done by you and does not contain elements that could damage the intellectual property of a third party.

8.- By submitting your poster to this contest, assign the rights to admit: A Toda Voz A.C. for your (s) sign (s) are used (s) to be displayed (s), promoted (s), broadcast (s), and / or published (s) in any print or electronic media, for education , advocacy, outreach and fundraising for all activities related to this contest.

9.- Each author is responsible for his work and at all times retains the right to ownership of his work and will always be recognized and announced. We will notify you whenever your work will be displayed, reproduced or disseminated in any form.

10.- Please do not post your (s) sign (s) in social networks until the jury has given its verdict.

11.- Posters must be original.

12.- The names of the selected designers will be announced during the month of August 2016.

13. The exhibitions will start from August 2016 and we will go announcing the schedule as it develops the agenda of the venues.


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