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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

Posters of Discontent 3, Ypsilanti MI (US)

Received from Andrew Maniotes. Please see the official web site for more information and a downloadable application form.

Like fire and molotovs, politics and poster design go together. Be it campaign, unity, policy enforcement, or protest--political posters leave a visual imprint on history. This exhibition seeks to examine points of con- tention in the current socio-political arena. Designers from various backgrounds were invited to submit work taking a stand on subjects of their choosing, created within the last four years. As a result, the work show- cases multiple and often conflicting viewpoints.

Just in time for the 2016 election, Posters of Discontent will feature a wide range of politically-based poster designs from a national and international group of artists. Designed to spur discussion and discourse and curated by Prof. Andrew Maniotes, the work presented will range from the political left, right and center view- points on a range of hot button topics of the day.

Any political themed poster or poster series that was produced between 2012 - 2016, including new works. In the interests of fostering new dialogues, posters that are a parody of an existing work will not be accepted.

1. Download this interactive PDF and open in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
2. Fill out one submission form per entry located on the next page. Please fill out all fields and generate an email submission via the “submit” button. Attach poster images to the email.
3. Please credit all creative parties involved.
4. Attach images of the poster work for the web to the generated email following the “submit” button.
   a. FORMAT: .jpg in RGB color mode
   b. SIZE: no smaller than 1000 pixels for the shortest dimension. Larger dimensions are preferred for detail and cropping.
   c. Multiple images for alternative views / detailing are permitted. Up to 5 images per entry.
5. Designers may submit multiple poster projects, but will submit a different form for each poster entry.
6. Arrival of work for gallery:
   a. Posters may be mailed to: A. Maniotes 114 Ford Hall, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
   b. Posters needing to be printed digitally may be attached to the form or sent separatly to

The posters will be featured on display at the University Gallery, Sept.7-Oct. 12. The posters will also be granted ongoing reproduction rights on the web page with credit given to each participant. All posters submitted will also become part of Eastern Michigan University’s Department of Art + Design’s permanent collection. Submission to the exhibition constitutes agreement of these terms on behalf of all participants.

Eastern Michigan University guarantees that any imagery provided will be used for Educational and Academ- ic purposes related solely to “The Posters of Discontent” exhibition. EMU reserves the right to reproduce the imagery for promotional purposes. Andrew Maniotes reserves the right to display or cite the work in scholarly works and presentations, but will give credit to each artwork and participant.
Questions may be directed to the curator at:

DEADLINE Aug. 1, 2016
Receipt of sumission form and web ready images via email.
Accepted works will be notified by Aug. 3.

Aug. 9 :
Arrival of work to EMU for gallery installation.

Sept. 7 - Oct. 12 :
Exhibition runs at Eastern Michigan University

Sept. 28 :
Reception at EMU University Gallery, 4:30-6:00 PM

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