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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

1. Plakatfest poster festival, Chorzow, Poland, 2016
Received from Krzysztof Dydo. Please see the official web site for more information.

Competition poster by Kaja Renkas
PlakatFest Poster Festival in Chorzow Rules
  1. All the professionally active graphic designers and university students in their final years at Universities and Academies of Fine Arts can take part in the review exhibition 1 Poster Festival in Chorzow.
  2. In order to take part in the exhibition one printed copy of the poster must be submitted.
    The maximum format of the poster must not be bigger than the size of B0 sheet (141,1 cm x 100 cm).
    Works which fulfil all the above requirements will be displayed in the exhibition rooms, for example, in Huta Kosciuszko premises, on the display screens placed along Chorzow high street in April and May of 2016.
  3. Each submitted work poster must include the description in the right bottom corner. The description must include:
    a) author's name and surname/artist's pseudonym/studio full name, email address
    b) publisher/client
    c) data of completion
    d) print technique
  4. The Poster Festival in Chorzow will be involve the issue of the catalogue including a selection of colour reproductions of the posters submitted for the exhibition, full list of participants and a catalogue list of the presented posters.
    Bearing this in mind, the organizers would like to ask the poster authors to select one of the subitted works for publishing in the catalogue.
    The condition of publishing the reproduction of your poster in the catalogue is to send the illustration material in the TIFF file with 150 dpi resollution in CMYK mode, to the following email address:
    The organizers reserve the right to publishing the reproduction works in the Internet and in the Festival publishings and promotional materials.
  5. The deadline of submitting the works is 5th April 2016. The posters must be sent to:
    - Chorzowskie Centrum Kultury, ul.Sienkiewicza 3, 41-500 Chorzow, Poland, with the word PlakatFest
  6. All works submitted to the exhibition will be subsequently placed in the collections of the City of Chorzow and will enrich the collection of the modern Polish poster.
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