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2015 Taipei International Design Award competition (TIDA) calls for entries
Received from Sherry Shang. Please see the original web site for more information and downloadable application forms.

The Department of Economic Development (DOED) of the Taipei City Government has recently opened the 2015 Taipei International Design Award competition (TIDA), calling designers around the world to participate.

TIDA hopes that designers may get rid of the frame and use designs to improve the development of economy, social communities, environment and cultures and provide users with more harmonious, safer, and more convenient aesthetic life. Moreover, the "universal design award" is added to TIDA this year, hoping to reflect more creative conceptions of urban concerns through design.

TIDA is an annual competition in Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design and Public Space Design. The 2015 prize fund is more than US$100,000!

Creative designers, teachers and students of design schools, and people with design passion are invited to submit design works, to be publicly selected among international design works.

The Taipei International Design Award 2015 competition has no specific theme, in hopes that designers can create their designs with no limits whatsoever. It is open for entries in the following three main categories:

1.Industrial Design Industrial design refers to design works that can be mass-produced, including general and digital application, transportation tools, equipment and instruments, daily utilities and household goods, IT and home appliances, etc.

2.Visual Communication Design Visual communication includes designs of digital graphic creations, identity, posters, packaging and publications.

3.Public Space Design Open space provided for public use, government buildings and certain private establishments.

Registration must be completed before 23:59 (GMT+08) on 5 Aug 2015! Entries must be your original creations completed after 30 June 2013.

According to the Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government, since this award begun in 2008, there has been 13,335 pieces of excellent work joining the competition. In 2014, 65 countries participated in TIDA, which has become the iconic competition domestically and internationally; the 8th TIDA starts the work collection today with the total prize exceeding US$100,000. TIDA Welcome global industrial, graphic, and interior designers to engage in innovative designs.

Please visit the official website or contact Ms. Hsiao at 886-2-2698-2989 Ext. 2401.

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