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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

Posterland international contest on organ donation, Samsun, Turkey, 2015
Received from Ali Tomak. Please see the official website for more information.

1. International Poster Competition is an event of Visual Communication Design Department of Faculty of Fine Arts, Dumlupinar University. Purpose of this contest is primarily to create awareness on social issues (organ transplant etc.) by using the power of poster design and to serve mankind, and to achieve an educational goal by enabling new works to this field as regards the poster which is one of the most significant fruit of graphic design and to bring the designers both in Turkey and in the world at this field together. The theme of this year’s contest which will be conducted together with Turkish Transplant Foundation Organisation is ‘Organ Donation’. This year competition poster theme is "Organ Donation".

Terms and Conditions
1-Participation in this contest is open to any individual from all over the world.
2-Every designer submits 3 (three) poster works that are previously not awarded or exhibited in any contests.
3-At the end of the contest 100 poster designs will be chosen
4-All copyrights of the posters picked will belong to
5-The designers participating in the competition shall be deemed to have accepted the conditions of the contest jury and preliminary evaluation.

Technical Requirements
1-Candidates must design their works digitally and upload and submit their designs online after registering
2-Poster sizes should meet 70x100 cm and 300 dpi criteria and high resolution ones will be requested from the finalists later.
3-Posters designed 70x100 should be 72 dpi and long side should be max. 2000 pixels before uploading the site and the type of the posters should be jpg file and its size should be less than 2MB.
Note: If any problem occurs related to the file size, it can be solved by saving as “Save for Web”.
4-Jury evaluation system will be done online.

Competition Calendar
Poster Entry: 16.01.2015
Deadline: 13.03.2015
Jury Voting: 14-20.03.2015
Competition Results: 03.04.2015

1. Prize: 5.000 TL
2. Prize: 3.000 TL
3. Prize: 2.000 TL
2 Mention
Certificate for Top 100 posters.

Utilization rights of works
All rights in competition of the banner designs belong to “Turkish Transplant Foundation “ which supports the project and to “Dumlupinar University Faculty of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design Department” which it performs. All the shipping costs are at the expense of participants. Awards and exhibitions of the works will be published in the catalog of “Dumlupinar University”. ”Turkish Transplant Foundation “ and “Dumlupinar University Visual Communication Design Department “ have the right to publish awarded and exhibited banner designs in Turkey and in other countries. In addition, the banners should have been awarded and published, can used by “Dumlupinar University Faculty of Fine Arts” and “Turkish Transplant Foundation” as a calendar, catalog and other graphic projects.

Award Ceremony
Award Cerenomy in Kutahya Dumlupinar University Faculty of Fine Arts, 06-10 April 2015.

Organizing Comittee
Dumlupinar University Faculty of Fine Arts
Dumlupinar University Faculty of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design Department
Dumlupinar University Entrepreneurship Council
Turkish Transplant Foundation

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