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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial, Dalian, China

Received from Sha Feng. Please see the Facebook site for more information.

Competition poster by Sha Feng
Deadline: August 31th, 2015

2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial

2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial is one of the most important cultural events for building the '2015 Big Apple International Cultural Music Festival', the biggest all-star music festival in Northeastern China.
The Biennial invites the graphic designers from all over the world for the first time, aimed to introduce different design cultures to Dalian China, sharing the exciting experience of Design and Music, bringing design culture to the mainstream and starting a new page for the design in Dalian.

Dalian Xinghaiwan Administrative Committee
Dalian Mochen Culture Co., Ltd.

Associazione di Design Cinese e Italiano in Italia
Lu Yuming Museum Research Studio

Lu Yuming (China)
Sha Feng (Italy)

Visual Design
Sha Feng (Italy)

2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Exhibition

A. Exhibition Qualification
Fixed invited Designers and Design Organizations from all over the world.

B. Theme of the Design Works
Choose the theme of 2015 Big Apple International Cultural Music Festival: Bring Culture to the Mainstream; or self-select other themes related to music culture.

C. Types of Design Works
a. Themed cultural posters
b. Cultural posters or public posters related to music
c. Other graphic design works related to music

D. Requirements of Design Works
  1. The design works should be posters themed on 2015 Big Apple International Cultural Music Festival, posters designed after 2011, or other graphic design works. The posters should be offset printed, silk-screen printed or digital printed.
  2. Poster size: not less than 36.4cmX51.5cm
    not more than 120cmX180cm
    Other works: unlimited
  3. The exhibition labels should be wrote clearly or computer printed, stuck on the bottom right of the back of works (the reprography of labels can be used).
  4. There is no number limit for exhibited works, series works would be count by single piece.
  5. The posted poster works should be in duplicate, without mounting. Designers can also send the electronic version of posters to our email box, the organizers will print them. Other graphic design works need to be posted by designers themselves.
  6. To avoid damaging the works during postage, we suggest packing them in a safe way. The organizers don't take any responsibilities for the damage occured in the post.
  7. All the works should be posted in the way of 'non-commercial value printed matters'. The organizers don't accept any works with commercial bid price on the posting tax certificate or post invoice.
  8. All works submitted will not be returned.
  9. Electronic files of all works should be zipped and sent to email box:
  10. Technical parameters for electronic files: size A4, 300dpi, JPG CMYK. Naming format: Country + City + designer's name + works' type + works' title

August 31th, 2015

Cultural Exchange Forum
We will invite renowned International designer to make a speech on the cultural forum of '2015 Big Apple International Cultural Music Festival'.

Traveling Exhibition
The traveling exhibition would be held in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts and other well-known art and design academies in October 2015.

Poster Poster, Dragon Design Foundation, DesignChina, ChinaVisual, VisionUnion, Creativity, ARTING365,

Exhibition Date
September 25th - September 27th, 2015

Exhibition Venue
Dalian Sports Center

Mailing office of 2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial
Address: Dalian Mochen Culture Co., Ltd.
Room 1705, Youhao Mansion, Youhao Square, Zhongshan District, Dalian, 116001, China.
Contacter: Xu Aidong, Tel - 0086 - 13190138797

please write Exhibited Works of 2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial on the package
Please specify no Commercial Value on the package

Copyrights of Design Works
  1. The exhibited works should be originally created by exhibitors themselves (or a group). The organizers have nothing to do with any intellectual property dispute or copyright dispute.
  2. All works submitted will not be returned. The exhibited works will be collected and traveling exhibition by Lu Yuming Museum Research Studio. The organizers and organizing committee have the rights of printing, publishing (including electronic publishing) and promoting of the works.
  3. Exhibitors will receive the Exhibition Certificates and the Works Collection of 2015 Dalian International Graphic Design Biennial.

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