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"World without Violence" International Poster Competition, Tehran, 2014
Received from Todayposters
Please see the official web site for more information.

A consideration of what extremist measures and radicalism in the present world have brought about reveals that extremism has led to more poverty,displacement, hunger and increasing hatred between different ethnic groups and sects. The achievement of war and armed clashes between humans is the growing hostility, violence, pain and suffering. In fact living in peace, tranquility and rejecting any sort of extremism are what people have always desired in the entire human history.

“World without Violence” is the subject of an international poster exhibition planned by the website of the Iranian Independent Graphic Designers (IIDS) to be held as a competition in 2014.Those graphic designers who are interested in participating in this competition may consider various aspects of this issue and reflect their visual concepts and interpretations of it in their works.

The exhibition features an international panel of jury members tasked with selecting the works for the first stage, after call for entries. Then the works will be reviewed and shortlisted by a 7-member jury panel which will introduce 110 shortlisted posters and the ten best designers. These posters are to be published and released as an exquisite catalogue.

The exhibition will be held in the Permanent Place of Tehran Exhibitions. The Today Posters website has planned to hold the exhibition concurrently in some other countries.

The first stage of selection process will be carried out via internet. It should be noted that the jury panel has not been simply consisted of graphic designers, in deed the subject of this exhibition has provided the ground for specialists of other fields such as filmmakers, writers, political activists, activists of human rights and other potential audiences of “World without Violence” exhibition to play a role in picking the works. Notably the selection board and jury panel will be introduced in this website.

The exhibition is slated for January 2015.

Entry Process

In order to participate at the competition, designers must register in and submit their works online in two stages:

First: Design a poster that responds to the brief that is:
– Portrait orientation
– 1000 x 700mm
– 300dpi

Second: Submit your poster from step 1 online. It must be:
– 1984px by 2835px
– 72dpi
– JPEG format (uncompressed-standard)

Attention: Give your entry a title

The above-mentioned procedure is aimed to maintain the quality of colors, as some designers prepare and submit their works in RGB format to reduce the size of their works, but the quality of these files will be reduced when they are converted to CMYK format.
There’s no limitation on submitting entries.
The contest is open to all designers and entry is free.
The posters should not have brand names, the logo of or any other institute or organization. They should not also bear the date or title of the contest.
Posters which rely rather on visual expression than letters or words to convey their notion will be much more successful at the contest, since the works will be selected by an international jury panel, therefore reliance on non-visual elements (Persian letters in particular) is not welcomed.
By approving the terms and conditions of the contest and submitting their works, the designers agree that Today’s Posters is permitted to publish, distribute, upload or exhibit publically or privately the participant works.
The secretariat of the exhibition and the participant artists will be in contact only via email.So all the contesters must have a valid email address. Users may ask their questions by correspondence

A special prize and a Plaque of Honor
Three prizes for the first, second and third winners as well as three Plaques of Honor;
Ten prizes for ten selected posters and the certificate of participation at the contest

Calendar (Important Dates):
September 16, 2014: Call for entries opens.
October 17 November 5: Call for entries closes.
October 27: The pre-selection process begins.
November 10: The pre-selection process ends.
November 26: The shortlisted works will be judged by the seven-member jury panel.
December 26: “World without Violence” International Poster Exhibition will be opened.

Click here to submit your work, please.

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