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2. International Poster exhibition Leipzig 2014
received from Jochen Fiedler

Dear colleagues
of the internet platform

INFORMATION / Leipzig, 28th January 2014

We have started the preparation process for the
II. International Poster Exhibition Leipzig 2014
We want to open this poster exhibition in early September 2014 in Leipzig. The artworks shown on our
website will form the basis of the exhibition.
The number of exhibits shown will be limited to 100 posters with additional works related to the special
topics. A total of approx. 120-140 posters will be presented.

The exhibition will be accompanied by two current topics:
Topic 1)
1914 - 2014. 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I
With occasion of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I we want to show posters that
deal with this topic and represent a personal view on this event.
Topic 2)
25 years Fall of the Berlin Wall;
25 years Peaceful Revolution in Leipzig

In 1989, 25 years ago, the Berlin Wall came to fall as a consequence of the peaceful revolution in Leip-
zig. Germany was reunified.
We want to dedicate a part of our exhibition to these important historic events. We ask the international
poster artists to express their personal view on these events with their posters.
There are no content prerequisites. (See foundation preamble of the website).
We will show at least one artwork per artist. The exhibition will be limited to 120-140 posters, taking into
account all submissions. We hope to receive a great number of new submissions. We want to thank all
those who have already submitted their works.
Our project still depends on the financial means that we are able to obtain but we are optimistic that we
will be able to open the exhibition in autumn.
We will inform you with further updates. We are currently preparing the next update of the website
plakat-sozial. The rules explained in our preamble apply to all submissions. (See
For the first time we want to award three selected posters with a certificate of honor, unfortunately
without any financial endowment. They will be selected by the founding members of the website plakat-

Technical information
Please send your submissions to Jochen Fiedler, e-Mail:
Phone: 0049 341/9809826,

deadline: 1th June 2014

Technical requirements:
At least A4 (210 x 297 mm), 300 dpi, JPG or PDF, RGB.

New posters are always welcome to be submitted for our permanent online poster show and unknown
artists are very welcome to publish their works on our website „plakat-sozial“.

Best regards,
Jochen Fiedler, graphic designer, project manager

On behalf of
Dr. Sylke Wunderlich,
Arts scholar, Stiftung Plakat Ost (Foundation Eastern Poster)
Ulrich Strube, Head of Verband mitteldeutscher Grafikdesigner (Association of Central German graphic
designers), painter and graphic artist
Bernd Hanke, freelance graphic designer
Prof. Gert Wunderlich, typographer and poster designer

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