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2. Vibre Poster Festival, Iran
Theme: All about cancer

Received from Milad Shokouhi

Competition poster by Milad Shokouhi

Festival logo (3 Mb)
Vibre poster festival wants to encourage graphic designers to design posters about the topic of Cancer. These posters can educate about prevention, symptoms of cancer, ways of fighting with cancer or their imaging of cancer and cancer patients , children with cancer or their experience of this disease etc.

After the selection process the best posters showcased in virtual exhibitions with the contribution of and if we find cultural institutes or charities or sponsors we can have exhibitions in countries around the world!

We invite institutes and organisations to cooperate with this festival around the world so we can cooperate and support us to share it in this project.

Vibre Poster Festival is a non-profit organisation so no money or prizes can be giving to the selected graphic designers. If your poster is chosen we will credit your name each our exhibition.

Rene Wanner (Switzerland)
Erich Brechbuhl (Switzerland)
Luba Lukova (USA)
Christopher Scott (UK)
Agnieszka Ziemiszewska (Poland)
Milad Shokouhi (Iran)

Conditions and regulations:
designers should email posters in JPEG format , A4 size , and 150 dpi.
Designers should add one face photo , description of each work (size ,
date of creation , print technique , subject , etc) , a short
biography and designer’s location (country and city) in the email.

Designers can use Vibre poster festival's Logo on their posters if they like to do it.

The deadline to email the works for primary selection process is August 25, 2013.

You can send the posters to Vibre Studio's email:

If you have any question you can send an email to:

with many thanks
Vibre International Group's manager: Milad Shokouhi

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