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Segunda Llamada poster design competition 2013, Mexico
Theme: Responsible handling of plastic waste

Received from Gustavo Morales Ainslie
Please see the official web site for more information.

Competition poster by Gustavo Morainslie
With the aim to raise awareness over the current environmental situation: Segunda llamada, The Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana and Natura Mexico extend the invitation to participate in the 3. International poster competition with the theme:

Responsible handling of plastic waste


Plastic is everywhere around us in our everyday routine, we use it for a variety of products and packages that make our lives easier, safer and cheaper. Unfortunately that entails a serious drawback: plastics pose a serious threat to the environment.

Have you ever wondered where does all the plastic that you use daily ends? All those plastic grocery bags you get, even when you buy a small item; all those “green” water, juice and soft drink bottles; all the packaging from products you buy; and worst of all, all the takeout containers made of expanded styrofoam, which unfortunately are used by the smallest food stalls and also by the biggest restaurant and hotel chains.

Well, the problem is that plastics are derived from petroleum, and do not biodegrade; instead they photo-degrade, the action of UV rays breaks them down into small pieces that can last 500 to 1,000 years in different physical states. Virtually all of the plastic that has been manufactured still exists, except the ones which have been incinerated; releasing even more toxins into the environment. In response to where does it end: A lot of plastic is recycled, -of course it helps if consumers do their part by separating and disposing of waste properly- but, a lot too is discarded carelessly. Plastic bags and styrofoam packaging are very light and the wind carries them for long distances. They are also are very fragile and break easily, ending up being mistaken for food by many animal species, which in the worst scenario will suffocate and die by plastic ingestion (worth looking at the photographs of Chris Jordan on plastic in the stomach of animals), in the best scenario toxins will return to you through the food chain.

These residues can cross the ocean, ending elsewhere, usually somebody else ?s home. Currently there is a “mass” of garbage 2 times the size of Texas circulating in currents between the ocean. Invisible waste to the people that generate it, but very problematic for the recipients. A notorious example is the community of Mahahual in southeastern Mexico. where plastic waste from around the planet pollutes the beach, a serious issue for local people.

To get some examples of actions for water sustainable use, visit: www.segundallamadaeng.wordpress.aim/actions

Participation is open to professionals and students within the areas of design, visual communication and related careers. The proposals will undergo a pre-selection process by a committee composed of 25 professional graphic designers, visual communication, and sustainability experts. (This committee will be announced on Segunda llamada's website prior to the closing of the competition).

The finalists proposals will be judged by an international jury comprising

Annie Leonard / United States
Alice Drueding & Joe Scorsone / United States
Robynne Raye / United States
Gabriel Martinez Meave / Mexico
Miguel Arzate / Mexico
Chaz Maviyane Davis/ Zimbabwe
Parisa Tashakori / Iran
Mark Gowing / Australia
Jerzy Skakun & Joanna Górska / Poland
Rodrigo Zenteno / Bolivia
Andrey Logvin / Russia
+ Jury to be confirmed - Natura Mexico
+ Jury to be confirmed - Autonomous Metropolitan University

Detailed information about the jury members:

Works will be assessed according to the following concepts:

  • Concept originality
  • Graphic Quality
  • Message conveyance clarity
The jury’s decision is final and incontestable.

Entries Receipt
Participants can upload a maximum of 3 proposals (single or conforming series).

Proposals must be uploaded trough the following link: From Wednesday May 15th, until Sunday June the 30th 2013 at 23:59 of Mexico city time CDT (GMT – 6hrs)

To participate in the competition, participants will send their entries including the following:

Size: 60x90cm (3545 x 5313px – 150 ppi)
Vertical format only. Black ink or grayscale,
JPG, Grayscale mode, not heavier than 5MB.

600x900px – 72ppi JPG, Grayscale

500 characters maximum. Without name or alias.

Full name, age, address, zip code, country, telephone number, e-mail address and a proposal of a sustainable action for responsible handling of plastic waste which the participant commits to undertake in his/her daily life.

If an entry does not consist of all four parts, it will not be considered for the competition.

Works shall not bear any signature, alias or author’s credit. Participant’s posters and contact information will be kept separately, and will only be gathered together after the Jury’s final decision.
To maintain the participants anonymity and a transparent judging process, POSTERS MUST BE ORIGINAL WORKS CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS COMPETITION and must not be published or submitted to previous competitions, projects and exhbitions; neither to personal websites, blogs, social networks or any other digital media before the final results are announced.
Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

Selected and winning posters which include text must be in spanish for the local exhibitions. However, we accept posters in english language and will notify and help winners with the translation if needed. Please do not send your proposals in any other language as they will be disqualified.
Posters will not include any logo of companies, services, products or organizations. Logos of the organizers are neither required (Segunda llamada, UAM and Natura México). This information will be further added only to the winning proposals. Participants will be liable for the work origin and, if including someone else’s work or non-original themes, these should count on the creator’s authorization.
Submitted posters will be relevant to the brief in order to be eligible to participate. Posters which do not meet the aforementioned criterion will be excluded from the competition, upon the jury’s best judgment.

Selection and Awards
The Pre-Selection Committee will select 200 finalists who will be evaluated by the international jury. The jury will select 40 finalist works to become part of a poster itinerant exhibition and the publication of a catalogue. Three first awards and honorary mentions will be granted upon the jury’s decision. The catalogue will be freely distributed to selected participants, requiring them only to pay for the shipping costs. Results will be published on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 at 4pm of Mexico city CDT (GMT – 6hrs) trough Segunda llamada's social networks and at

Rights and Dissemination
Segunda llamada is a non-profit educational and awareness project; therefore, participants will assign their exhibition, disemination and reproduction rights through the website of Segunda llamada, printed media and exhibitions. Each participant will maintain his/her author’s rights and will receive full credit on the corresponding posters or technical records. Organizers will not use the designs for commercial purposes without the previous written authorization of the respective authors.

Final Clarifications
Segunda llamada, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, and Natura Mexico may not necessarily agree upon the opinions and standpoints conveyed on posters and these will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of their authors.

Any situation not provided for on these bases that may arise will be resolved by common agreement by the jury's members.

Segunda llamada is a non-profit social and environmental awareness project.
Gustavo Morainslie
Damaris Caballero
Regina Olea
Maria Isabel Mota

With the support of:
Unidad Azcapotzalco
Research and Knowledge Department
Dr. Marco Ferruzca Navarro
M.D.I. Alejandro Ramírez Lozano
Environment Department
M.D. Verónica Huerta Velazquez
D.C.G. Alma Olivia León Valle
Sustainability Area
Javier Herrero
Bill Walker & Annie Leonard
Bruno Contreras
Graphic Design: Gustavo Morainslie
Please do not print this document. Help us distributing it digitally.

For more news and useful information related to the subject: follow us on twitter@segundallamada and

Mexico city. March 2013
Sustainable actions far a better future.

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