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International poster competition "Mut zur Wut 2013", Heidelberg, Germany

Received from Goetz Gramlich and Hermann Buechner
Please see the official web site for more information.

Competition poster by Klaus Staeck
International poster contest and exhibition in public space.

When graphic designer Goetz Gramlich and billposter Marcello Lucas thought up the idea of "Mut zur Wut" in 2010 in Heidelberg, Germany, no one could foresee that their concept would lead to a global creative push. Their initiative evolved into an international contest with a rapidly increasing number of participants from different corners of the planet, with its most significant posters being displayed in public space around the world. "Mut zur Wut" aims to raise awareness for global and social issues and circumstances while loosening geographical and ideological boundaries. Having the final exhibition displayed in public space, „Mut zur Wut“ is an encouragement to be brave and at the same time a provoking demand for attention.

Last year‘s contest inspired 950 creatives from 56 countries to participate with over 15,000 posters. Corresponding to the title „Mut zur Wut“ which literally translates to „Courage for rage“, the chosen theme should have a critical, social, political, and/or personal content, all of which should be illustrated in a striking poster.

The contest’s popularity is in part, due to the fact that the submission process is completely free of charge and uncomplicated for the creator. The posters can simply be uploaded onto the contest’s website: The contest consciously abdicates conventional methods of presentation with expensive prints, complicated packaging and mailing fees. Thus, simplifying participation for creatives, especially from censored countries.

In a two day meeting, the 5 internationaly noted members of the jury will review all submitted posters. The most significant 30 submissions will be nominated and produced for an exhibition, that will be put in various cities.

Members of the Jury:
Stephan Bundi
Armin Lindauer
Yang Liu

Mut zur Wut“ is a call for creative critisism of circumstances, incidents, and living conditions, that surround and affect all of us. Therefore, the chosen pieces will be displayed in the center of our daily lives, mainly on the streets of our cities, in parks and on public squares.

"Mut zur Wut" transports the posters to the observer and provides a contrast to the advertisement- dominated landscape of urban spaces. For a few weeks "Mut zur Wut" modulates the city with topics of social relevance. It takes a stand and transforms our usual and common visual habits.

Submission: April the 1st – May the 31st
Judging: Beginning of June
Exhibition: July the 25th – August the 28th, 2013

Mut zur Wut e.V.
Im Fuchsloch 1
69123 Heidelberg

Vortstand: Goetz Gramlich, Marcello Lucas

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