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International Poster Contest, Mexico "To Death with a Smile" 2013

Received from Mumedi Mexican Museum of Design
Please see the official website for more information

Competition poster
International Calling for Poster Design Contest

MUMEDI, the Mexican Museum of Design, represented by the MUMEDI Foundation, calls designers, students, teachers, professionals and anyone interested in the subject, to participate in the International Poster Contest "To Death with a Smile" 2013, to promote the exercise of good design.

Remember you can see all finalist entries submitted in past contests in our permanent virtual design museum in the following link: Past Online Exhibitions

Rules and Process of Participation

General Description

PARTICIPANTS: Designers, public in general or people with graphic representation background and anyone interested from any nationality over 18 years of age.

SUBJECT MATTER: It is about death, a personal consideration or approach, the meaning In your own culture, how we fear, celebrate or deal with it. It can be reflected in serious or playful way.

TECHNIQUE: Freestyle but at the end it should be put into the requested electronic file format.

DIMENSIONS: 60 cm x 90 cm, vertical.

FORMAT: Digital Format .JPG with 200 dpi's in RGB colors.

Registration Sheet: It is necessary to complete the registry sheet for each poster you submit.

HOW TO SUBMIT MATERIALS: Digital files must be saved on a CD or DVD accompanied with the Registry Sheet, this document with all the guidelines and the authorization for reproduction and commercialization and send them all in a sealed envelope to:

Mexican Museum of Design
Francisco I. Madero 74
Colonia Centro, México D.F.
C.P 06000 MEXICO

DEADLINE: Monday 14 of October 2013.

Download Registration and Instructions

Go to MUMEDI's website at and click on "Entries and Contests" and click again on "To Death with a Smile 2013 Poster Contest" and you will find a link, click on it so you can download the PDF document with all the Instructions and registration forms.

If you have any problems downloading the document or have any doubts, please feel free to contact us at this email address:

Good luck!!!

Registration Process

If you received this message by email, you are already a registered "Friend of MUMEDI" and that gives you the right to participate in all our International Contests.

But it would help us know you better, and we would be able to send information that really interests you, if you update your profile in our data base. This way you can choose from different subjects related to design regarding contests, workshops, events and general design information.

It is very quick and easy to do, just follow this instructions:

1. You should enter our site and click in the Contact Section and the click in the "MUMEDI Friends" Option. After entering you email, you should follow the instructions.

If you have Pop-ups blocked in your web browser you can go directly to this address:

2. You will see a screen with the following message: (You are already a member of the MUMEDI Mexican Museum of Design mailing list. If you would like to update your profile, please click the Submit button and instructions will be email to you.)

3. The click "Submit".

4. Check your e-mail, and you will have received a message with a link where you will be able to update your profile of "MUMEDI Friend". Click on "Update your profile"

5. Change your interests or ad to the ones you already checked, update your information so we can contact properly.

Best Regards


1st PRIZE:
- 1 Apple Mac Air Computer
- 3 Night stay at MUMEDI´s unique Boutique Hotel, meals included in MUMEDI restaurant. Prior reservation and disponibility up to six months after winning the prize. ( 1king size bed, double occupancy )
- 1 Year Membership for Adobe Creative Cloud
- 1 One year Total Suscription to Online traning on video2brain
- 1 A 2,000 pesos ( 180 USD aprox ) gift certificate to buy at MUMEDIShop specialized design store.

2nd PRIZE:
- 1 Year Membership for Adobe Creative Cloud
- 1 iPod Touch
- 1 One year Suscription to Online traning on video2brain
- 1 A 1,000 mexican pesos ( 80 USD aprox ) gift certificate to buy at MUMEDIShop specialized design store.

3rd PRIZE:
- 1 Year Membership for Adobe Creative Cloud
- 1 Six months Suscription to Online traning on video2brain
- 1 A 1,000 mexican pesos ( 80 USD aprox ) gift certificate to buy at MUMEDIShop specialized design store.

Popular Selection Prize:
- 1 Year Membership for Adobe Creative Cloud

All exhibition visitors will vote during the first month for their favorite poster and the winner will get a special printed acknowledgment.

Honorary Mentions:
- 1 Month Suscription to Online training on video2brain

Mexican Museum of Design
Av. Francisco I. Madero No. 74
Colonia Centro Historico
México, D.F. 06000


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