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Creacartel 2013 - a poster for the Red Cross and Red Crescent International

Received from Juan Madriz
Please see the official web site for more information.
Deadline: July 31, 2013

The third edition of CREACARTEL 2013, extends its invitation to all visual communicators to participate (through his creative talent, with the power of pictures) in generating the necessary reflection towards positive change in our society.

The invitation this time is to create a poster for the invaluable and selfless work of the Red Cross organization (the International Red Cross and Red Crescent). Motion offered since 1859 (Battle of Solferino) to the present day, humanity window in the thick wall of global interests, a hand, whose effort tries committed way (through your example) remind man of the value and meaning of life.

The event aim at realization of graphic (in this case posters) that allow the tools of visual communication to inform, warn, inform, excite and motivate communities and countries on the need to recognize the organization RED CROSS (International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent), all these features of altruism that should permeate global consciousness and that this recognition will inspire change in the world wanted.

We would like to have the active participation of professionals and enthusiasts related to visual communication as graphic designers, photographers, artists and anyone wanting to join the idea of a better world.


Download the brief and regulations 2013 edition

1.- The competition is open to all designers, visual communicators and related professionals in Venezuela and the world.

2.- The participant may from 1 (one) and up to 3 (three) posters.

3.- The posters sent to competition should not contain any logo Creacartel, posters or designs should be limited during the evaluation and selection process therefore "SHOULD NOT BE SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR OR ASSUME ANY DISTINCTIVE SIGNS".

4.- The participant may make the (or the) posters that, using the tools of visual communication to inform, warn, inform, excite and motivate communities and countries, on the need to recognize the Organization CRUZ ROJA (Red Cross and Red Crescent international movement), all these features of altruism that should permeate at the global consciousness and that this recognition serves to inspire the world craved change.

5.- Technical specifications for the design of the poster:
* 70 x 100 cm. * 300 dpi.
* Formato vertical. * CMYK.

This defines the format of poster design and delivery


6.- The delivery format / application (for pre-selection of pieces) is 50x70 cm at 150 dpi RGB (this format corres- ponds to a proportional reduction of the piece, for the purpose of making feasible the load time of web page of CREACARTEL)

7.- The technique to use is free, provided that in the end it is digitized.

8.- Observe the following procedure when you submit the sign on the website CREACARTEL.

9.- A qualified jury of professionals in the area of design evaluate and select 30 posters, which will be chosen the first three places and the same part in the exhibition and book were part of the 3rd Edition of CREACARTEL RED CROSS (International Movement Red Cross and Red Crescent)

10.- All participants whose posters selected will receive a certificate resulting PDF proof of their participation and the top three will receive a PDF certificate indicating the place obtained.

11.- All participants grant the rights of printing and distribution of posters for the sample to reproduce the posters for the contest in catalogs, exhibitions, promo- tional issues, electronic media, as well as promotional events, respecting the credit of the authors.

12.- The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse the participation of posters that are considered offensive to morality or culture of any country, as well as those that do not comply with the requirements of this solicitation.

13.- The final list of selected posters will be published in the coming days after the close of the reception of posters.

14.- The exhibition will be inaugurated in the city of Santa Ana de Coro in Santa Rosa Gallery, the dates will be published in the coming days CREACARTEL website.

15.- Participation is free and the event is not for profit.

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