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"VilNews of the World", International Poster Competition Vilnius (LT) 2009

Received September 25, 2009 from Marius Urbanavicius. Please see the official web site for more information.

The theme was inspired by the 1977 album "News of the World“ of the legendary British rock group "Queen“. The album includes 12 compositions:
• We Are the Champions
• Sheer Heart Attack
• All Dead, All Dead
• Spread Your Wings
• Fight from the Inside
• Get Down, Make Love
• Sleeping on the Sidewalk
• Who Needs You
• It’s Late
• My Melancholy Blues

Competition participants are invited to create social or cultural poster, which should be built on Queen album “News of the World” songs or lyrics (but not the poster to illustrate songs themselves!).

The main idea is to try to crossover the past 80-s British cosmopolitan culture with nowadays new European culture.

The aim is to encourage design students to draw inspiration from the legendary album antherns while creating posters for the competition. Ideas should emotionally transform into contemporary city urban and cultural spirit and look newly into the surrounding world. What connections and relations can be found?

Organizers hope to attain original, interesting and unexpected projects.

First prize 1500 €
Second prize 1000 €
Third prize 500 €

All entries shall be mailed no later than November 1, 2009.


International Poster Competition
VilNews of the World
Robertas Jucaitis

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