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Vibre Poster Festival, Tehran 2009

Received from Milad Shokouhi. Please see the official web site for more information.

Poster by Milad Shokouhi
Announcement: Vibre poster festival
The international Vibre group with the background of establishing poster exhibitions in Iran, tends to initiate the first “Vibre’s poster festival” which is managed privately and supported by graphic designers all around the world.

Jurisdiction: Timo Berry (Finland) , Gotz Gramlich (Germany) , Ronald Cala (USA) , Marina Cordova Alvestegui (Bolivia) , Paulina Gancaryzk (Poland) , and Milad Shokouhi (Iran)

Conditions and regulations:
Participating in this exhibition consists of two levels. First, each designer is allowed to email three posters to the email address of Vibre group in order to be evaluated by the jury. After primary jurisdiction, an email will be sent to the designers of accepted works which informs them of their success and asks them to post their works in printed form. For primary jurisdiction, emailed posters should be in JPEG format , A4 size , and 72 dpi. Designers should add one face photo , description of each work (size , date of creation , print technique , subject , etc) , a short biography and designer’s location (country and city) in their emails. Printed works can be in silk screen, Offset or digital formats and should not be smaller than 50x70 cm. The deadline to email the works for primary jurisdiction is 30th of October 2009.

Notes: Since the location of this exhibition will be in Iran after receiving the official permission, it is recommended that the designers respect Iran's Islamic laws. Posters will be exhibited in other countries as well due to participation of designers all around the world. Therefore it is recommended to post your posters in suitable covers to avoid damaging them.

Standards and criteria: one of the major criteria to choose posters is their innovatory. Works containing imitations of other graphic designers will obviously earn low grades. Email address: If you have any question you can send an email to:

Vibre Blog:
This festival is executed privately and spontaneously without any financial sponsors therefore we are unable to appreciate participants with prizes.
Vibre International Group's manager: Milad Shokouhi

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