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Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Young Artists Poster Contest 2009
2008.08.22, found on
Please see the official web site for more information and downloadable application forms.

DEADLINE: April 4, 2009

Rules for the 2009 contest

All entries must be made to Your Organizing FAI Member Country by their deadline. Click on the above link for the address of your member country.

The Theme for the 2009 Contest will be:

"Create a Poster for the World Air Games"

The FAI is particularly concerned with all forms of sporting and recreational aviation, including:


FAI Member organisations are responsible for making arrangements in each country for a national competition, or similar process of selection, for young people resident in their countries. Some guidelines on how to organise this are also attached. We recommend that the prizes for winners of national competitions should include visits to sport aviation airports and museums, and if possible flights in light aircraft, gliders or balloons. Each country may submit to FAI a maximum of 9 paintings (3 in each years of birth category).

All entries must be received at the FAI Office by 14th April 2009 at the following address :

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Avenue Mon-Repos 24
CH-1005 Lausanne

Entries will be judged by an International Jury. The winners in each age group will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, together with diplomas. These medals and diplomas will be sent to the FAI Member organisations in the appropriate countries as soon as possible after judging is completed. The FAI delegates from the countries concerned will be responsible for arranging a suitable occasion for the presentation of the awards.

Entries, once received by FAI will become and remain the property of FAI, which may use them for a variety of purposes. FAI Members are therefore encouraged to make good quality colour copies of their winners' work for public relations purposes before sending the entries to Lausanne.

* Eligibility. All children in the age groups shown below are encouraged to participate in the Contest, even if they are related to officials or employees of the FAI or any of its member organisations. Participation in the National contests is limited to residents of that country.

* Age Groups. Entries will be judged in 3 classes :
o Group I (Date of birth between January 1st 1999 and December 31st 2002).
o Group II (Date of birth between January 1st 1995 and December 31st 1998).
o Group III (Date of birth between January 1st 1991 and December 31st 1994).

* Format. The required format is A3 (297 x 420 mm or 11 3/4 X 16 ½ inches) or, if this is unobtainable in your country, the nearest possible equivalent.

Artwork must not be framed or outlined with borders.

* Medium. All artwork must be done by hand (or, in the case of handicapped children, by foot or mouth). Any of the following media are permitted:
o Watercolor
o Acrylic
o Oil paint
o Indelible marker pens
o Felt-tip pens
o Soft ball-point pens
o Indelible ink
o Crayola, or any similar indelible medium

The following media are NOT permitted :

No pencil, charcoal or other non-permanent medium may be used.

No computer-generated artwork is permitted.

No collage work involving the use of photocopies is permitted.

* Markings. The following details should be clearly shown on the back of art:
o Title
o Family name
o Given name
o Address
o Date of birth
o Country of residence
o Name and address of school which child attends
o Certificate of Authenticity

* Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate is to be worded as follows:

"I/We certify that this is the original and unassisted work of ............... (name of entrant)".

We certify that ............... (name of entrant) is a resident of ............... (name of country).

Certificates are to be signed by the entrant's teacher, or other suitable person.

* Address for Entries. All entries are to be sent to the organising authority in each FAI Member country, and not direct to the FAI. Only entries sent by FAI Members, and which arrive in Lausanne by the closing date of 14th April 2009, will be considered by the International Jury.
For More Information, contact the FAI

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