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FaceBook Poster Design Contest _ Autism, 2009

Received from Sergio Olivotti. Please see the official web site for more information.

The first edition of FaceBook Poster Contest _ Autism is launched by DIVERSAMENTE ONLUS, a no-profit organization which wants to offer a better understanding and awareness of the autism 'Invisible' disability, and educate and empower families affected by autism.

Posters should talk about autism to aware people about the problem or to underline positive sides of diversity.

The contest is open to everyone except members of the jury and organization team and their families, who are prohibited from entering the contest. Any individuals connected to the jurors by any form of relationship are unable to enter the contest.

Members of the Jury:

Marta Delfino
Pierangelo Cappai
Francesco Dondina
Benito Cabanas
Luba Lukova
Sergio Olivotti
Yossi Lemel (Israel)
Pietro Corraini (Italy)
Reza Abedini

The contest is open for entries from February the 17th, 2009.

The entries close on midnight March the 31th, 2009 (CET time).

All the artworks must be 50x70cm (75 DPI for publish it on Facebook. Maybe the Organizers will ask for a 300 dpi version at the end of the contest to print) and will be published by the author himself on this Facebook group to partecipate to the contest.

If there is a text, the headline must be in italian or english language. Everyone can partecipate with no more than three works.

With the image/poster the author will write is name and, if he wants, the concept behind the poster.
By submitting an entry through the website the participant will be asked that the design is his/her their personal work and he/she has the wright to publish it.
In this contest there is not anonimity, just like in every Facebook action.
A poster shall be excluded from the competition if it is published on FB after March the 31th, 2008 at midnight (CET time).

The contest aims to improve social communication and is not profitable.
For this reason, there are no monetary prizes, but “Diversamente onlus” will give a gold, a silver and a bronze medal to the winners.

An exhibition with the best posters will be held in Cagliari no longer than 90 days after the contest has closed. Details about the exhibition location and dates will be announced through contest Facebook Group as long as a definitive arrangement has been made.

A catalogue containing the best posters will be published in a limited number of copies and distributed to the jury members.

The participant has intellectual property over the submitted entry. The copyright will remain the property of the participant but “Diversamente Onlus” Organization have the right to use posters for publishing or expositions. The name of the designer has to be printed on the posters upon publication.

Contact Info
Location: Cagliari, Italy

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