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5. Annual of Typography Poster as Asma-ul Husna, Tehran 2009

Please see the official web site for more information and downloadable entry forms. is honored to present annual poster typography as "Asma_ul Husna" (attributes of God) in every year's month of holy Ramadan (ninth month of the Islamic calendar; daytime fasts observed by Muslims during this month). The goal of this exhibition is to find out a way to gain favor of the holy God and to understand the holy attributes. The selection of the works will be published and distributed at the end of the exhibition.This year's annual poster typography competition will be opened at the Tehran Museum of Art on 22 August 2009.

Entry form
State or Province:
Country and Postal Code/Zip:
Telephone / Fax:
Brief biography (optional) maximum 50 words:
About the work:
Title of work submitted:
Designer or creator of work:
Additional creative credits:
Brief description of work (optional) maximum 50 words:

Formatting your artwork:
The digital artwork that you submit must be in jpg format, and must be
not larger than 4mb.
All the entries must be 25x35cm vertical posters sent digitally through the
Website form as 2953x4135_300DPI

Before uploading your file please check it conforms to these requirements:
Vertical format 5070cm poster
File dimension 29534135 pixels
File resolution 300 DPI
File color space RGB
File format JPG (not progressive)
File size smaller than 4MB

Submitted works will not be returned and will be considered the property of the
The submitted work(s) must be operatable on Windows platforms
Submissions with defective files which cannot be corrected will be refused from the competition.
Information on the entry form will be used in Annual publications exhibition's catalogue. and
The organizing committee will be entrusted to make decisions for unforeseen events.
Prerequisite languages in making posters are : English, Arabic, Persian or French.

Closing Date:
All entries must be received at the Site of Todayposter before 22 July 2009.
The posters shall be excluded from the competition if received after July the 21th, 2009 at 12 PM local time. Unless it has been delayed by a malfunction in the automated submission system, in which case it may be included at the discretion of the jury.

Participants may submit up to three works per artist or group

Jury will be announced before Closing Date

One grand prize of USD 4000
First prize of USD 3000 , Second prize of USD 2000 and Third prize of USD 1000.

Any valid entry from an eligible participant will be submitted to the jury for selection.

By submitting an entry through the website the participant will be asked to state that the design is his/her personal work or has been prepared under his/her supervision.

A poster shall be excluded from the competition if it does not fulfill the binding clauses laid out in this document

A catalogue containing the posters selected as finalists will be published and send to members.

All of the selection posters for the exhibition will show concurrent at website in current gallery


Exhibition: on 22 August 2008, at the "Tehran Museum of Art" and "Iranian Artists' Forum in Tehran"

Registration Fees: None

Number of entries: Not more than three per artist

Entry rules:
1. The participants should be requested to fill in type-written form and send it by email .
2. Entrants will be directly informed of exhibition acceptance or placing by the organizer.
3. The result of the Selection Jury screening will be announced in August 2009
4. Please send us your mail with this subject: " 5th. Annual of Typography Poster "

For more information, contact:

Final obligation
All the posters selected by the jury for the competitive exhibition become the property of the organizers. The organizers have the right to photograph and reprint the works. for publicity and promotion

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