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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

7. Computer Art Biennale - Rzeszow, Poland, 2006
( received 2006.07.11 from Anna Kulpa )

The Wanda Siemaszkowa Dramatic Theatre in Rzeszow
Marshal Office in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship

1. The VII CAB aims are (1) to show achievements in computer art, which is to stimulate the development of computer graphic art, (2) to establish a permanent gallery of computer art.

2. Only graphic works produced by the computer (as computer prints, matchprints, proofs tec.) in the years 2004 - 2006 will be accepted for the competition.

3. Every artist participating in the competition can submit an unlimited number of works. Each work must be accompanied by a copy. All works, including copies must be hang signed and sent to the address:

Teatr im. W. Siemaszkowej
ul. Sokola 7/9, 35-010 Rzeszow, POLAND
To aid catalogue production, an electronic version must be included.

4. Date and place of expositions:
4 November - 31 December 2006 Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre Gallery in Rzeszow

5. The closing date for the receipt of works together with entry forms (attached) is October 6, 2006.

6. The information included in the entry form will be used in the exhibition catalogue.

7. An international Jury appointed by the organizers will award the following prizes (gross):

First Prize - 5.000 zl
Second Prize - 3.000 zl
Third Prize - 2.000 zl

8. The jury reserves the right to alter the value of the prizes.

9. Winners will be invited to Rzeszow for a three day visit (prize winners will have to cover transportation costs to Poland, all expenses in Rzeszow will be covered by the organizers).

10. Each participant will receive a catalogue of the exhibition.

11. All works sent for the exhibition will become the organizers' property.

12. Overseas participants should ensure that packagingof their exhibits carry the wording: "Printed matter. No commercial value".

13. The organizers of the VII Computer Art Biennale reserve the right to reproduce the works in the catalogue and other materials promoting the Biennale without charge. All works will carry the artist's name.

14. The collection of the VII CAB is likely to be shown in exhibition centres in Poland as well as abroad.

Zbigniew Rybka, Anna Kulpa

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