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Ekoplagat Triennial 2005 in Zilina (SK)

The 10th year of triennial EKOPLAGAT ´05 - The international exhibition and contest of issued posters on the problems of the environment and nature protection in Zilina / Slovakia

Organizers: Mala Fatra National Park Administration in Varin
Design Slovakia, Bratislava

Under the auspices of: The Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Co-operation: Povazska Gallery of Art in Zilina

Exhibition: 13th October - 27th November 2005, Povazska Art Gallery in Zilina

Deadline for sending the entries: 30th July 2005

The first international exhibition EKOPLAGAT tooks place in the Povazska Art Gallery in Zilina / Slovakia in 1978. It was the first regular international event of this kind in he World.

In every three years Ekoplagat Zilina represents the latest trends of the poster progress on the problems of the environment and nature protection to the general public. Ekoplagat Zilina has the cultural, social and educational justification as the one of the important international activity, which tends to increasing the public interest about the conservation of the life diversity on the Earth. Ekoplagat´05 will be held as one of the official undertaking of the festival DESIGN DAYS _05, the Slovak and word-wide design festival.

Participation: Competition will exhibit works of professional designers, artists, art agencies, teams of authors, environmental organisations and institutions and students from the Art schools

Registration Fee: none

Official languages: Slovak, English

Prizes: The International Jury will announce this prizes at the opening of the exhibition on October 13th , 2005

Grand Prix Ekoplagat - Zilina 2005

1st Prize Ekoplagat - Zilina 2005

2nd Prize Ekoplagat - Zilina 2005

3rd Prize Ekoplagat - Zilina 2005.

Diplomas are parts of all prizes. Besides, the honour prizes of the jury or the prizes of interested organisations can be awarded.


  1. Every participant can send to the competition up to 4 posters ( in 3 signed copies) issued during the years 2002-2004.

  2. The size of each poster should not exceed 2 m2.
  3. The students from the Art schools can send also the art studio works.
  4. Each entry form must be enclosed in a sealed envelope along with the posters. The participants are requested to fill in an entry form in block letters or typewritten. The entry form must be signed by the participant.
  5. The participants are required to fill in an label in block letters or type-written. A copy of the label must be fixed with adhesive tape to the low-right corner on the back of each poster.
  6. Along with the hard copy, please send document in digital file recorded on CD-ROM. The CD must be able to be operated on Microsoft Windows platform. File Technical Specification: A4 size, 350 dpi resolution, file type: accept TIFF or JPG format.
  7. The works should be packed in a safe and practical manner to avoid any damage during transport. The organizer does not take responsibility for damage sustained in transport.
  8. All the posters entering for the competitive exhibition become the property of the Organizers - the Board of the Mala Fatra National Park. All the posters are not returnable.
  9. The organizers have the right to photograph and reprint the works for publicity and promotion of Ekoplagat.
  10. The organizer will not undertake any customs clearance. The organizer will not take responsible for the delay of entries in transit. The posters should be sent as printed matter of a non-commercial value statement. Please do not include the price of your submission (if yes maximum price should be 10 USD or 22 EUR) on the postal declaration or invoice, as it complicates the delivery procedure. The organizers will not undertake any customs formalities.

THE STATUS of Ekoplagat, ENTRY FORM, THE LABEL on the posters you can download on the in the column "Ekoplagat - EKOPLAGAT ´05"

Sprava Narodneho pa
rku Mala Fatra
Hrnciarska 197
013 03 Varin

tel: +421 (0) 41569 2311 - 41507 1413 fax: +421 (0) 41507 14 15

The personal contact:
Till 30th June 2005: Ing. Miriam Balciarova
From 1st July 2005: RNDr. Eva Ondrova

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