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POSTER COMPETITIONS - Call for entries

Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2005

Please see the original web site for more details and downloadable application forms.
Deadline: October 5, 2005

Department of Commerce, MOEA began implementing the "Commercial Design Improvement Project" since 2004. 
For the purpose of enhancing Taiwan's commercial design talent and providing opportunities for interchange with 
international designers. This project uses "Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2005" competitions 
endorsed by Icograda to boost Taiwan's design view widely and internationalize.

The competition is open to designers from all regions and countries.

Participation terms
A. Entered works must have been created after 1st Jan. 2004 ; there is no limit on quantity.
B. Please provide design works meeting the given specifications. Participants are also asked to read the judging 
     rules carefully and must abide by all requirements of the judging rules and bylaws.
C.The poster entered must be delivered two copies per workĄ]no mounted or framedĄ^; submitted works will 
    not be returned, please keep files of your work.
D. Participation in this activity is free of charge; there is no fee for inclusion of works in the winner's exhibition 
     and the contest publication (funding is provided by the CPC). 
E. All submitted works must have an entry label written in English for the convenience of 
     international members of the judging committee. Participants must fill out a statement declaring 
     that their works do not infringe upon other parties' intellectual property rights. 
F. The CPC has the right to use the submitted works in any kind of publicity, touring exhibition, publication, or 
     commissioned publication, etc. without any additional payment; this use shall not interfere with other 
     commercial uses and applications, however.
G. It is recommended that works by judging committee members and their companies should not be entered in 
     this competition.
H. If any of the following circumstances involving selected works are discovered, the work will be disqualified 
     and the participant must bear all legal liability:
     1. The work has to be completed after 1st Jan. 2004 (was not completed before 1st Jan. 2004).
     2. The work plagiarizes another person's work.

Design categories
A. Special theme: "Urban impressions" (creative works featuring impressions of a city or cities in the designer's 
B. Open category (for any creative design works or other thematic works).

Judging criteria 
Creativity, integrity of composition, and technical rigor.

Submission deadline 
Works will be accepted from 1st July, 2005 until 5th Oct., 2005
(Participants are reminded that the cut-off date is based on the date and time in Taiwan; works received after 
the cut-off date will not be accepted. Please take international time differences into consideration when mailing 

Judging procedures and judging panel
A. Judging procedures: 
     1.The executive committee must review applicants' qualifications and data before their works may
         participate in the competition.
     2.The judging committee consists of prominent domestic and foreign designers. The judging committee shall 
        select winners of the following awards based on the judging standards.
B. Judging Panel:
   • Robert L. Peters
       Canada, FGDC, Past President of Icograda
   • Ken Cato 
       Australia, Cato Purnell Partners, AGI Member
   • Theodora Mantzaris 
       Britain, Design Director, ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games 
   • Kari Piippo
       Finland, AGI Member 
   • Shigeo Fukuda
       Japan, President of JAGDA, AGI Member
   • Reza Abedini
       Iran, Reza Abedini Studio, AGI Member
   • Lin Pan-sung
       Taiwan, Professor of Fine Art, National Taiwan Normal University, 2001~2003 Icograda Treasurer
   • Taddy Ho 
       Taiwan, CEO&ECD/BBDO Taiwan Advertising Limited
   • David Wang
       Taiwan, Design Consultant of Wang & Design Associates

     Members of the judging panel are subject to change without prior notice. 
     The panel's decisions are final and cannot be overturned in a court of law. 
     Selected entrants will be notified within one week (from the day awards are announced)

A. Grand Prize (1 person): US$10,000
B. Icograda Excellence Award (1 person): US$5,000
C. Special topic and open category (two types): 
   • Gold medal (1 person each): US$3,000
   • Silver medal (1 person each): US$2,000
   • Bronze medal (1 person each): US$1,000 
D. Judges' special award (each judge may select one person): medal or certificate.
     (Awards are granted in accordance with the regulations of the host country; taxes shall be withheld 
     in accordance with ROC tax law 20 % for foreign designer, 15 % for ROC domestic designer)

Prize-winning works 
A. The implementing unit will hold a solo design exhibition in Taiwan for the winner of the Grand Prize during 
     the following year.
B. Prize-winning works will be included in the special publication " Taiwan International Poster Design Award 
C. Prize-winning works will be displayed on the "Commercial Design Improvement Project" website and in 
     publicity materials.
D. Prize-winning works will be displayed at the exhibitions related with project and be included in touring 
     exhibitions held at university and college commercial design departments. 
E. Period of campus exhibitions: December 2005 to June 2006. 

Work entry standards
A. Size: Works must be printed , the size may not be smaller than 36.4cm x 51.5cm or larger than 
     180cm x 120cm. Please include a CD containing a high-resolution 300dpi image file, The size 21cm x29.7 cm 
     (PC or Mac files in TIF or EPS format are acceptable) with work.
B. Language used: Primarily English, secondarily Chinese. (Each work must be accompanied by a title, explanation, 
     and name of the designer and company in English.) 
C. Place a completed entry form for the work in an envelope and send together with the poster. The entry form 
     and other information can be downloaded from:

     Judging dates 20th October , 2005 (provisional)

     Prize Award Date 15th November , 2005 (provisional)

Mailing works 
Please send entry form, authorization letter, and entry label (see attached Forms); these forms must be completed 
and submitted together with the work.
Contact / Mr. Ming-chin Lue, Ms Ling-ling Fan
Phone / 886-2- 2698-2989 #2111, 1303 Fax / 886-2- 2698-9532, 2698-9335
E-mail /, or visit our website at:
Address / Taipei Poster Design Association 6F-2, No. 189, Sinyi Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan 106.

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