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International poster contest: Public Funds for Public Benefit

Please see the official web site for more information and downloadable application forms.

DEADLINE: April 25, 2005

Let's change the European Investment Bank actively and artfully!

Every year the EIB lends more than any other international financial institution. It lends primarily to European Union states but overall it has a current portfolio of investments in more than 120 countries, with roughly 17 percent of these investments going to new EU Member States and places such as South Africa, Asia, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Latin America.

In view of the importance of the EIB's financial role we are challenging the 'house Bank' of the EU to become a positive European source for the public funding of public benefits worldwide. We would like to see an EIB which is fully accountable to the public and transparent in all of its operations. We envision the EIB lending only for environmentally and socially sustainable projects, based on clear policies, standards and rules, both inside and outside the EU, which can proudly state that it supports only projects that enjoy the consent of all affected communities.

As a part of civil society's call to concerned citizens and European policy-makers to join efforts to make the EIB an institution that supports people and the environment, we invite artists from Central and Eastern European countries to participate in a social poster contest entitled Public Funds for Public Benefits.

Awards - Awards - Awards - Awards

There will be one first prize award of 1000 Euros and two runners-up awards of 200 Euros. An international jury will decide the prize-winners. The jury is composed of Professor Piotr Kunce, professional artist and the Head of Poster Art Studio at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, representing the media, Jane MacKenzie of the UK's renowned satirical magazine Private Eye, and Tomasz Terlecki, the Executive Director of CEE Bankwatch Network.

You can also vote for the best project

We would also like to give internet users the opportunity to vote for the best project. Thus there will be a gallery featuring all submitted projects on our website to allow the public to vote for their favourite entry. The most popular design as voted publicly and transparently by our web audience will also receive a prize worth 200 Euros.

Victory will establish you as a real bankwatcher

Not only is there the promise of financial reward by participating in the contest, but you could also be the creator of the posters promoting our campaign. Our intention is also to prepare a street-exhibition featuring some of the submitted projects, which would be shown in Brussels and Luxembourg around the time of the EIB's Annual Meeting in June later this year. So the projects will very much stay alive after the contest and help to make the campaign visible.

The statute of the contest

The aim and the topic of the contest:

To gather original poster designs in A1 format (594mmx841mm) promoting the EIB reform campaign of CEE Bankwatch Network. The contest serves to widen the public's knowledge about a public financial institution, the EIB, and its imperfect way of functioning and also to encourage civil society to participate in the process of monitoring the EIB's activities.


CEE Bankwatch Network
Jicinska 8
130 00 Prague 3
Czech Republic

Duration of the contest:

March 1, 2005 - May 30, 2005

The deadline for sending competitive works:

April 25, 2005 (on this day we stop accepting works sent by mail or submitted by person)

The address for sending competitive works:

CEE Bankwatch Network
Czackiego 3A
r. 29, 70-216 Szczecin

with the sub-heading CONTEST

The founder of the prize:

CEE Bankwatch Network

The territory of the contest:

Belorussia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Ukraine.

Requirements of the application and participation:

  1. A competitive project entry can be sent by individuals;
  2. Every participant can make a maximum of three variations on the theme;
  3. Printouts in A3 format should be glued to stiff board. On the board's reverse in the upper right-hand corner, there should be an original password;
  4. 4. Projects have to be sent in two printed specimens with an electronic CD version ( 1:1 size, 300 dpi resolution, TIFF);
  5. Submitted projects have to be under the ownership of the senders, must not have been publicized previously and must not infringe upon another author's rights;
  6. Submitted projects will not be returned and fall under the ownership of the organizers;
  7. Senders pay shipping costs;
  8. It is neccessary for the projects to be accompanied by a completed application from the website in an enclosed envelope;
  9. It is neccessary to put an original password on the envelope, the CD and the reverse of every project speciment;
  10. It is not permitted for the organizers and all persons engaged in preparing the contest to take part in the contest;
  11. Incomplete applications will not be taken into account;
  12. Participation in the contest indicates acceptance of the statute and agreement on free project exposure after the contest;
  13. The first-prize winner will also be obliged to make possible minor changes suggested by the jury.


  • Jane MacKenzie, London, Private Eye;
  • Professor Piotr Kunce, Cracow the Head of Poster Art Studio at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow;
  • Tomasz Terlecki, Executive Director, CEE Bankwatch Network;

The jury will convene in order to choose the best project in April 2005 in Cracow. Following this meeting, an announcement will be made. The decision of the jury is final. The first prize is anticipated to be EUR 1000. There are also two second prizes equaling EUR 200 and a so called audience prize, which is also for EUR 200.

We would also like to give our web audience the opportunity to vote for the best project. That is why we are going to establish a gallery of all sent projects on the webpage to allow visitors to choose their favourite. The best project, chosen publicly and transparently, will be awarded with the audience price of EUR 200 .

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