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"Mark X" International Poster Show , 2003
( received 2003.04.18 from Miss Huang )

School of Design of Southern Yangtze University

The meaning of the mark X
It is a totem representing the unknown, denoting the rebellious spirit.
The unknown is like the other shore for the boat of creativity.
Only by taking a new perspective can one peek at the future.

Space & time, the East & the West, the tradition & the avant garde, art & science, culture & commerce… all the ideas converge at the crossing point of the mart X, seeking the new power to explore the unknown. In the golden October 2003, the design school of the Southern Yangtze University will hold an “X Power” Design Festival. Elites of the international design circle will flock together to arouse and release the power that will push forward the design cause, and to anticipate the brilliant future of the world’s visual design.

Consultancy Committee
Honorary director: Robert Peters (Canadian designer, chairman of Icograda)
Director: Yu Bingnan:(Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University)
Standing consultant: Yuan Weiqing:(Suzhou Graphic Designers Association)
Consultants: Wang Shouzhi:(Los Angeles Art Center College of Design)
Guo Weimin: (School of Design, Southern Yangtze University)
Michael Gais: (German QWER Studio)
Chen Dating: (Macao designer)
Lin Jiayang: (Communication & Art Academy, Tongji University)
Lin Pansong: (Fine and Applied Art College, National Taiwan Normal University)
Iris Utikal: (German QWER Studio)
Richard Henderson: (Futurebrand Australia)
Han Binghua: (HongKong designer)
Kan Taikeung: (AGI member, Hongkong designer)

Jury Committee
He Jie
Wang Xu
Ye Ping
Chen Youjian
Chen Yuanchuan
Iris Utikal
Zhao Jian
Zhao Yan
Richard Henderson
Tan Ping

Organizing Committee
Sponsor: The School of Design, Southern Yangtze University
Undertaker: The Visual Communication Department, and the Visual Power Design & Research Center
Authorizer: Icograda

“Mark X” International Poster Show
The motif of this poster show is the meaning of the mark X, namely, taboo, limitation, rebellion, confusion, suspicion…
We believe the power to push the cause of design forward generates from the overthrow of the existing ideas and the pursuit of the unknown.

Time: Oct. 18 - Nov. 8, 2003
Place: Exhibition hall of the School of Design, Southern Yangtze University, Wuxi
Designers invited to participate: Some members of AGI, Icograda, and some Chinese designers

1.Offset print or jet print without mounting
2.Digital file or 120 slide should be offered for later publication. The digital file should be in tif, psd, or vector format. The size of the picture should be A4. the printing resolution should be 350dpi, CMYK. If the file is in vector format, the font should be converted to curves or separately attached.
3.Size: 70x100cm / 60x85 cm
4.each poster should bear two labels: one pasted on the down-right corner of the back side, the other one separately attached.

Mail address:
61# 170, Huihe Rd., Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Postcode: 214036
Tel: +86-510-5887657

Deadline for sending posters:
We need the posters from Mar.20 to Aug.10, 2003

Outcomes of the show:
1.The posters will be shown around China
2.The posters will be published as a “2003 X Book”
3.The sponsor will issue certificates of honor to the participants.

Each poster should bear two labels: one posted to the down-right corner of the back side, the other one separately attached.

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