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I Love Design graphic competition
( received 2002.09.07 from Andrew Lewis )

Deadline: 20 September 2002

O:Central Academy of Fine Arts CAFA/Beijing Fashion Institute
A: Xiao Yong, Mailbox100102-02, 100102 Beijing, CHINA

Topic: express love, fun, critivity, and inspiration of design through visual languages.
Andrew Lewis (Canada),
Cedomir Kostovic (USA),
Francois Caspar (France),
Ahn Sang-Soo (S.Korea),
Xiao Yong (China).
Results will be announced on 20 September 2002. Awarded works will be published.
Submission: A4 print (210x285mm)
Sign at the back: name, school/firm, E-mail, address,tel. no.
Mail to: Xiao Yong, Mailbox100102-02, 100102 Beijing, CHINA

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